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Go Daddy is by far the largest domain name registrar in the world. By far. Like to the tune of 4 times the second largest registrar.

When I first started online Go Daddy seemed like the obvious choice when I needed a domain. Since then I’ve bought dozens of domains from them. That’s not a huge amount, really.

I know people with thousands.

Go Daddy Marketing Practices

Since then I’ve grown weary of their marketing practices. Seems like they subscribe to the philosophy of “whatever works.” Like a Las Vegas casino, everything on their website is designed to extract as much money as possible from visitors as possible.

And the more inexperienced and naive the visitor, the more money that can be extracted, buyer beware.

Using Sex To Sell

It starts in their advertising where they use sex to sell their products and services.

Their “Go Daddy Girl” campaign got rolling in 2006 when they made a Superbowl commercial which was so suggestive the it got rejected by the TV network. They got tons of publicity when they “complained” about the rejection and then had to “rework” their commercial to make it acceptable.

What they did was tell people in the ad to go to their website to see the “unedited” version.

While the whole thing was brilliant marketing (I’m sure it brought them tons of business and customer awareness) it was thoroughly repugnant. That they still use the same approach in their ads seems to indicate that it works.

But that doesn’t mean I have to keep spending my money with them, not even for my domain names.

Upsell Hell

Then there’s the whole issue of their website. They use sex and low priced domains to draw people in. But in order to check out and actually pay for your inexpensive domain you have to run the Gauntlet of Upsell Hell.

There is a dizzying array of offers and options presented before a domain name can be paid for. Those of us with some internet savvy can sort out which of those options are a good idea (almost none of them) and which ones should actually be considered (really there’s only one of ‘em in most cases).

Unfortunately those who don’t have experience end up buying things they don’t need. A $7.49 domain can end up costing the unsophisticated shopper a couple of hundred bucks before it’s all over.

Alternative Domain Name Registration

I’ve finally had enough. I jumped through the hoops required so that I could offer an economical domain alternative to Go Daddy. We offer the most popular domain names for $15 per year and we include domain privacy with every domain at no additional charge.

Domain name privacy is the one thing that is usually worth getting (amongst all the Go Daddy upsells) because it protects your personal information and keeps people from using your domain registration information to spam you.

Our check out process is straight forward and simple with no convoluted upsells. We’re content to get fair compensation for superior service.

And we don’t use sex to sell our stuff, though that should be able to go without saying.

Oh, and Go Daddy? They charge an extra $10 per year for domain privacy. So we’re even less expensive than them because it would cost you $17.49 for what you get from us for $15.

Easy Domain Name Transfers

If you’re sick of Go Daddy’s marketing practices you are welcome to transfer your domains over to our service.

I am.

As my various domains get close to expiring I am transferring them so I don’t give Go Daddy any more of my money.

You can too.

Just click here and select the “Transfer Domain” tab, put your domain in and then click the “Next” button.

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  1. Godaddy commercials are great for marketing…

  2. I am soooo sick of GoDaddy!

    We register all of our stuff there for but they DO NOT make things easy.

    All we’re trying to do is get people to buy earphones, not take over the world- be nice GoDaddy lol

  3. This is truly something to think about, gotta check-out more of your services. Good work, guys!

  4. this collection is very effective which i was looking for.

  5. I buy domains only I do not trust Godaddy.

  6. John Spat says:

    Jackasses want government to sensor everything cause they are sheep and have no intelligent position on anything themselves. Censorship in any shape and form takes away your freedom. Stopping piracy is important but I’ll be damed if the motion picture industry is going to tell me what sites I can and cannot visit. GoDaddy;s owner is an exploiter of women, a murderer of endangered species and supports censorship. Anyone who has a domain or hosts there is part of the same herd of sheep that destroys the freedom of others in this world.


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