1. FYI, I came up with the exact same “clogged pipe” interpretation independently. It’s not just you. The new logo really does look like something I’d call a plumber for.

  2. (Sorry, forgot to go back and change the name after I read your comment policy.)

    FYI, I came up with the exact same “clogged pipe” interpretation independently. It’s not just you. The new logo really does look like something I’d call a plumber for.

    • Heya Jeff!

      No worries on the name. I’ve got no problem with screen names and personas. It’s the obvious keyword stuffing that I find most frustrating.

      And I’m with you on the new SU logo. Blech!

  3. Hi Chris – thanks for your post – I found your analysis of the logo redesign interesting and quite entertaining! I see what you mean about it becoming more similar to other social sites but (apart from perhaps the hover over the Home, Profile and Discover being too subtle and the logic behind the category organisation being difficult to understand) the actual design is fairly impressive and good for usability. This is something we’ve picked up on anyway –

    • Heya Lindsay!

      I get that StumbleUpon put a ton of effort into improving the experience on their website. Overall, I think I could come to see the changes to the site itself as being an improvement over their previous site.

      But I still say the change to their logo was beyond horrid. Compared to their old logo this new orange… thing is a ghastly mistake.

  4. In the new logo the s feels like it is stumbling / discovering / finding the letter u.

    This is also further enhanced by the animation.

    And I think that’s a lot stronger than what they had before which felt a bit generic. And yes felt like ‘flowing through the web’ but didn’t express the discovery aspect.

    My 2 cents on an interesting post.
    Thank you

  5. Ummmm…am I the only one who thinks the new logo screams phallic symbol?

  6. I totally agree with you… I thought it was some sort of weird version of the actual logo!

  7. I think it was dumb to stop letting users customize their profile pages.

  8. Manny Manolo says:

    Great post, very interesting take.

    I had a completely different reaction to the new logo. I 100% prefer the new logo. Ditching the superfluous gradient background color was a great move. Now the symbol does the talking, and quite well in my opinion. The choice of orange is bold and quite a departure from the original palette. I can understand how this would be jarring to a long-time, regular user…. admittedly, I’m not such a user and I happen to love orange ‘-)

  9. I must say I prefer the new logo. I really like the colour. It’s cleaner and more distinctive. However I can also see the phallic symbol reference there!

    Anyways, my vote is for the new logo. Fresher and more modern. But I am a designer so I would usually opt for simplicity and clean lines.


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