Being Thankful

This Thanksgiving morning Gorgeous and I were talking about how much we have to be thankful for.

The news is full of all kinds of horrible things going on in the world. In the headlines today is a terrible attack in India with over 100 tourists killed. Apparently a plan to bomb Penn Station in New York City was thwarted, thanks God.

And most of the news is about the struggling economy. Companies are going out of business. People are loosing their jobs. The government is passing out free money to major corporations to try and keep some of them afloat with the hope of preventing a full scale meltdown.

Even the tech sector has been affected. Just this week Technorati announced layoffs and pay cuts across the board.


With all that mess going on in our world, Gorgeous and I are incredibly thankful that we are able to work for ourselves from home.

In the past year I’ve found out that being self employed can be a bit stressful. But on the good side I don’t have to worry about whether my employer is going to cut my job and leave me out on the street.

Been there. Done that.

Even when the economy is rolling loosing a job because a facility is closed or a company goes out of business (I’ve been through both) is tough. It is always easier to find a job when you already have one.

I feel for the folks who are struggling through that this holiday season.

My encouragement to them would be that I made it through so it can be done. The days won’t always look so dark. The sun will come out again come morning.

History of Thanksgiving

If you are interested in a little bit about the beginings of Thanksgiving, go check out my Thanksgiving history post from last year.

Those early early Americans were going through tougher economic times that any of us can imagine yet they were thankful just the same. We can learn something from that.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Chris!

  2. So many people take Thanksgiving for granted. We give mouth service to the holiday-yet we really get more excited about the day after early morning shopping bonaza’s. Thanks for the article.

    But it still feels good to be reminded that at least I can be thankful for recognizing that we really should be gratedful for life it self.

  3. If you focus your mind and conversation everyday on what is working and wanted in your life the external news of the credit/financial markets won’t rock your boat. It maybe hard for some to believe but not everyone is losing their job, their home, or their wealth today.

    Some people wake up to world of opportunity, peace and prosperity. Some people are obtaining loans, building businesses and purchasing homes and cars in these “news worthy” times.

    Just something to think about on this day of giving thanks.

  4. So, Chris. How’s your Thanksgiving Day?

  5. I did have a lot to be thankful for this year, although it’s terrible that there is so much trouble going on in the world, and that the huge terrorist attack happened basically on Thanksgiving.

  6. I find that in these tough economic times, you’ll find the things you are thankful for are more important. Friends, family and health. Everything else is secondary.

  7. Indeed there are so many things to thank for even in bad times. Don’t have to look far really. Even in “negative” events, there is always the good side of it if we care to look for them. There is always a reason for every happenings. Important thing is to make sure we learn from them, good or bad.

    So have and attitude of gratitude, in good times and bad times.

  8. Wonderful post,
    I am glad to got new stuff and especially I am happy to find the link of your previous post on the topic “History of thanks giving”.I want to know its history so I’ll check this link.
    Now I want to pay my thanks to you Chris for this work.

  9. I’m thankful for what a great job you do on High Calling Blogs. And I would be very thankful too if the “All Blogs” button would come back at the top of the page. Oh, and I would be doubly silly thankful for a “Poetry” addition to the categories in the sidebar (where we could gain easy access to “Random Acts of Poetry” archives).

    But I am also thankful for the great job you do at HCB. : )

  10. Happy thanks giving every one!!

  11. You’re right. We have so much to be thankful for especially nowadays. Just being alive and healthy is already a big blessing and much to be thankful for. We should celebrate Thanksgiving day everyday.

  12. Thanksgiving is a great holiday. It was interesting for me, so I’ve learnt a lot about the story of this day. Hope, your turkey was dilicious!

  13. I’m reading this blog a bit late , but all the things discussed still hold true, the economy is still bad, people are still getting laid off or killed.
    The only thing I like abt this economy is lower gas price, and there are people who actually don’t like this low gas price, you know who they are, the manipulative traders.
    I wish all those who lost their jobs will get to work soon.
    Happy hildays..

  14. My support and prayer for all those families that suffered in the thanksgiving terror attack in Mumbai, India

  15. Thanksgiving day this 2008 was very sad to those people who were stranded in Thailand airports… May they could recover next year.

  16. We must be thankful always.

  17. Being thankful is the best practice for happy life. All the success in the world will not make you happy as Being thankful. Thanks for the post.

  18. First time i saw your blog i did not noticed this post. It’s really great and made me think. It’s true that sometimes people that are under hard days find the strenght to react that they never know to have.

  19. Thanksgiving is always a good time to just look back and the year and think of all the GOOD things that have happened. Definitely not a time to dwell on the bad stuff. Also, you have an excuse to stuff your face with delicious food!

  20. I think that the last few thanksgivings have been bad because we have been at war. I would have to say that I was thankful for being alive and that our troops are here to keep us safe. I would hope that they come home soon and very little of them loose there lives the rest of the time there over in Iraq and the other countries they are at. I hope that every one has a better year this year and a better out come then last.

  21. I think we don’t have to wait Thanksgiving to feel or think these things everyone says here, We need to think about this and be thankfully with what we have everyday!!

  22. Even in negative events, there is always the good side of it if we care to look for them.

  23. Research has shown that being thankfull is one of the easiest (and of course cheapest) ways to become more happy, so I’d say we should stop and think about what is good in our lives one every while!

  24. Nice man nice words.

  25. thanks in this era are rarely found. particularly visible in the sale and purchase activities. After paying the amount of money on the product, we immediately went. how beautiful the journey if we didahului with thanks.

  26. Some people wake up to world of opportunity, peace and prosperity. Some people are obtaining loans, building businesses and purchasing homes and cars in these “news worthy” times.

  27. Thank you. I am self-employed and it is not always easy, but as you said I don’t worry about job loss or unpaid holidays.

  28. being thankful is a really good way to express ourselves for all the gifts that we get from around us. And it must be done every day in our lives. Sometimes we forget to give thank for the help that we get. It’s a little thing but with great meaning. We must get used to do it.

  29. Thanks in this era are rarely found

  30. thank you for posting this article. interesting article

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