BuzzFoto originally sought out our WordPress support services because they had a serious problem. This heavily trafficked paparazzi blog was struggling with page load times in excess of 45 seconds and was loosing readership at an alarming rate.

Problem: BuzzFoto’s WordPress site was suffering from significant performance issues causing incredibly slow page load times, using a tremendous amount of server resources and causing a significant reduction in readership.

Solution: After an initial consultation we determined that their site’s theme had some significant programming issues which were contributing to their challenges.

We completely re-worked the theme from the ground up to resolve the issues. In the process we also updated their design with a cleaner, more modern look which accommodates more advertising space without infringing on content area.

After our work average page load times on the site were down below 0.5 seconds and their readership was again on the rise.

The good folks at BuzzFoto were so pleased with our initial work on the site that they then hired us for additional work on some of their various other web properties.

BuzzFoto Screen Shot

BuzzFoto Screen Shot

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