HighCallingBlogs.com is a faith based blog network that combines blogs hosted on their own WordPress MU (multi-user) installation along with blogs hosted elsewhere.

Problem: It was not long before the good folks at HighCallingBlogs.com realized that WordPress MU is a bit more complex than standard WordPress. When they first contacted us they had fewer than 25 blogs in their network and needed both technical support and a sound growth strategy.

Solution: We dove right in and optimized their WordPress MU installation.

A large part of the process involved creating a new theme for the main blog on their site to give it a more professional look, allow better presentation of their various content as well as make more of their content more accessible to their network members.

Additionally we’ve worked with HighCallingBlogs.com to develop a sound growth strategy which had resulted in a network of nearly 300 blogs and growing 9 months later.

NOTE: Because of the incredible success of the blog network, HighCallingBlogs.com has been merged with their parent website which is on Drupal.

HighCallingBlogs Screen Shot

HighCallingBlogs Screen Shot

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