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Chris Cree

Founder of SuccessCREEations, Inc., EmmanuelPress and WP Annex. I remove web technology barriers and translate geek-speak into everyday language so organizations can reach more people more powerfully on the web.

I have been a life long professional navigator starting with ocean going cargo ships, then went on to US Navy jets. After changing careers from cargo operations in the maritime industry in 2007 I have been focused on creating easy to use WordPress websites and training organizations how to use them to effectively attract more people.
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Welcome to the Communication Revolution!

We are in the midst of a communication revolution. The very fact that you are reading this right now is proof that you are a revolutionary. If you first heard about this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere else on the internet means you are deep into the revolution already. I’m talking about a complete… Read More »

Two Free Resources For Awesome Headlines That Increase Traffic

Statistics say that on average a full 80% of people who come into contact with your content online never read anything more than the headline. That means only 20% of people will ever read beyond your headline, if you’re average. And keep in mind that half of the people out there are below average and… Read More »

Don’t “Demand” Facebook Likes

No one likes pushy people. There are some industries whose sales reps have a bad reputation. When most people think about someone selling used cars, insurance, or a network marketing opportunity for example, they get a certain idea in their brain about what to expect. Unfortunately the stereotype is so ingrained that a pleasant encounter… Read More »

Launch Your New Website Even Though It’s Not Perfect

It’s a big temptation for people to want everything to be perfect on their website before they launch it. But that’s a huge mistake. I’ve seen it time and time again. Clients often will drag out launching their website because they have this mindset that it needs to be perfect before they’ll pull the trigger… Read More »

How to Save Money and Avoid SEO Scams

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a huge business today. People understand that Google and the other search engines are huge sources of traffic. Ranking prominently for the right keywords can bring in tons of revenue for your business. Because SEO is such a huge business there are some pretty slimy marketing practices out there… Read More »

How to Transfer Your Domain Away from GoDaddy

Since we started offering our domain registration service lots of folks are asking how to transfer domains away from GoDaddy. On our end it’s a pretty easy, straight forward process. But GoDaddy’s side is a little less obvious. Go figure. Before You Transfer There are a couple things you should do before you try to… Read More »

Search Gets More Social With Google +1 Button

Last week Google took a big step along the path of blurring the line between search and social media by rolling out the Google +1 Button for web pages. Big News This is huge news because their +1 recommendations will influence results that everyone sees when they search with Google. With Google sending such a… Read More »

Economical Go Daddy Domain Name Alternative

Go Daddy is by far the largest domain name registrar in the world. By far. Like to the tune of 4 times the second largest registrar. When I first started online Go Daddy seemed like the obvious choice when I needed a domain. Since then I’ve bought dozens of domains from them. That’s not a… Read More »

How to Make a Magnetic Facebook Fan Page in Under 10 Minutes with Lujure

Having a dynamic viral Facebook Fan page is a critical must-have piece of marketing for most any business today. Most people have figured that they need a Facebook page for their business. However few are building in the features that make them truly magnetic so that they actually attract fans and reach more people. The… Read More »