Knowledgeable Expert or Shameless Profiteer?

I’ve know blogging associate Mike DeWitt for quite a while now. We first met at Open Comment Night over on Successful-Blog way back when. So far Mike has commented on every single one of my Bed Head posts. (We’re on Day 12 of 40 right now. I went back through and checked. He hasn’t missed… Read More »

NPR – Not So Social Media

Fast Company may have jumped aboard the Social Media bandwagon but National Public Radio (NPR) is still very much an old media company. My Dad forwarded me a link to a funny song about blogging that he thought I’d enjoy. Dad’s a wise man. He trained me as a kid to appreciate Mark Russell and… Read More »

Fast Company Embraces Social Media

In a big way. All I can say is Holy Smokes! The traditional business publication Fast Company has totally embraced the social media model. They’ve completely redesigned their web site so that the home page is centered around social media content and are allowing readers to create their own personal profiles for free. The sign… Read More »

Social Media Influencing Traditional Advertising

Social media is now influencing one of the biggest advertising frenzies of the year. Superbowl ads. With an estimated 93 million pairs of eyeballs on the screen, including my own, FOX was able to demand an average of $2.7 million for each 30 seconds of advertising air time during the game. We’re talking big dollars… Read More »

Old Media Powerhouse Learns New Media Lesson

There has long been friction between the traditional old media providers which include print and television, and new media information sources which are overwhelmingly Internet based. If you look deep enough you can find some basic philosophical differences between the ways old media and new media approach information flow. Old media has traditionally provided information… Read More »

See Which Pages Others are Viewing with Who’s Among Us.

I’ve been test driving a little blog widget from a service called Who’s Among Us. So far I’ve got to say so far I like it. It is elegantly simple in what it does. It shows which pages other folks are currently viewing on your site. What it does When you install their widget on… Read More »

Open Wikis – Great Idea that Doesn’t Really Work

43 Best Blogs is Dead. At least it is for me. For now. It was a great idea: Set up an open wiki to showcase the best blogs on the web. With it open, anyone can edit the list at anytime, adding in the blogs they think best, deleting those that they don’t feel measure… Read More »