Panicking a Stats Junkie

Checking on a few link stats this morning I ran smack in to the message over there on the right. Ooch! I know systems require maintenance and things have to be done from time to time. But I wonder what Technorati is doing this morning that required them to pull their entire site down. Do… Read More »

Cutting Through the Social Media Noise

Yesterday Renée Alexandrea commented about all the junk that comes up when she searches on Technorati for stuff. She brings up a good point. There’s a lot of crapola out there and it can be hard to sift through. Then last night Mike Sansone hosted a podcast with a roundtable discussion about Social Media Tools.… Read More »

Blogging Tools: Technorati Overview

One of the things I learned very early on in my time at sea was that you wanted to be sure you had the right tools with you to do the job. One of the big reasons was that your ship was out there in the middle of the ocean and help might not be… Read More »

Another Backup Tip

So I get to the office, fire up my laptop and wait for my morning emails to download. “Ah. There’s a a couple from some mailing lists. A little spam that got by the filter. A few work items to attend to. Oh. And there’s this morning’s post from SuccessCREEations.” The post. Dropping into the… Read More »

Backing Up – It’s Not Just For Cars

As you’ve probably heard, my web host had a catastrophic failure on one of their servers yesterday. And yes, it happened to be the very server SuccessCREEations was on. Then to compound the problem my host found that they had some bad CD-Rs in their backup storage so when they got things up and running… Read More »

Comment Spam – The War is Raging

Last night I was wandering through MyBlogLog and I happened upon Jessica Doyle’s blog. Now I have to tell you that I am one of those folks who has a defective art appreciation gene. (I explained that whole thing a while back on my personal blog when I talked about art.) And Jessica is an… Read More »

Free Web Based Feed Reader Comparison

So you are convinced about the value of RSS and Feeds but you aren’t sure which feed reader might be a good fit for you. Well here is a little comparison of four of the free web based feed readers out there. I split my computer time between a couple different machines in a couple… Read More »

Start Using RSS and You’ll Find You’re Well Fed

The other day in our Business Blogging 101 series we took some time to look at the value of RSS and Feeds. Well we’ve got another satisfied customer! Carolyn Manning explains how she now finds herself Jumping Into The Present with Syndication after switching all her email subscriptions over to a feed reader. Carolyn was… Read More »