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No (Successful) Man is an Island

Ruben Gonzales is a living, breathing success story. At 21 years old the Argentine immigrant kid moved from Houston to Lake Placid and took up the sport of Luge so that he could compete in the Olympics. Since then he’s competed in four different Olympic games in a sport where 14 out of 15 people… Read More »

Relationship Lesson From A Call Center Experience

I woke up in a bit of a grump this morning. But my problem started after dinner last night. I had been working on some things on line last night when my Gorgeous Wife came into my study to let me know dinner was ready. Food is always a good motivator to get me to… Read More »

Success Principle #8 – Pride Can Destroy Your Success

‘Tis pride that pulls the country down. –William Shakespeare Pride is the single greatest hindrance to our success. That is quite a strong statement. And it is completely true. It gets us from both ends. Sometimes we are too proud to make the changes that are necessary to become more successful. And then there is… Read More »

The Number 1 Universal Law of Success – Even If You Don’t Believe It

There is a lot of information out there about success. Much of it is inane blather that won’t help you and might even leave you worse than were. Of course there is also a ton of good information that will really help you become more successful. The hard part is telling one from the other.… Read More »

7 Things to Think About For More Success

One thing that completely separates successful people and sets them apart from the masses of mediocrity is the way they think. Successful people react differently to their environment than most folks in a way that gives them a distinct advantage. And the reason they react differently is because they think different thoughts. And I’m not… Read More »

7 Ways to Start Leading Yourself

A while back I pointed out that successful people are leaders. But what if you don’t see yourself as a leader? How can you start to become one? The military is one organization that excels at creating leadership. They have to be. For them creating top notch leadership is critical to their success as an… Read More »

Today We Remember

Today being September 11, five years after the horrific events of 9/11 is a day we should not Forget to Remember. Please take a moment and think about some of the lessons that were taught to us in the midsts of that emotional time. Let’s prove George Bernard Shaw wrong. If you’ll remember he’s the… Read More »

Success Principle #7 – Successful People Find Successful Organizations

If you spend any amount of time looking at the lives of successful people, one of the common threads you will find is that they tend to be members of successful organizations. Now sometimes folks find themselves joining an organization that had just the right environment and they become successful. Other times people who already… Read More »

I’m an S.O.B. – And I Like It!

Liz Strauss called me out as an S.O.B. this week. Usually I wouldn’t get too excited were someone to call me that. But in this case it is quite an honor. Liz uses the acronym to mean something a little different than our usual understanding. In her case, S.O.B. stands for “Successful and Outstanding Bloggers”.… Read More »

Reddit Takes a Step Away From Web 2.0?

Something has changed with Reddit in the last few days. The popular bookmark filtering site seems to have taken a small step away from the very brutally fair democratic system that has made them so popular of late. Brian Kim talks about how wonderful Reddit is for generating blog traffic in his recent post How… Read More »