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Getting Internet Face Time

When I was in the Navy I learned about an interesting success concept. When it came to the subject of furthering their careers, a lot of time seemed to be spent by officers discussing the subject of “Face Time“. Face Time was time spent face to face with the commanding officer or other senior military… Read More »

Recent Visitors Don’t Make It

Had to take the Recent Visitors out of the side bar. MyBlogLog was not responding and it was causing the blog not to load. Sorry. But a cool feature that shuts the place down isn’t as cool as I thought it would be.

Contemplating a Bit of a Course Change

Y’all know that a big part of the whole exercise here at SuccessCREEations involves a certain amount of introspection. The idea has been to explore ideas tips and strategies so we can all become more successful. As I noted yesterday, some of that introspection involves finding where our passions lie. I am exploring and doing… Read More »

Minor Changes to Success Creeations

Wanted to shout out to y’all and let you know about a few minor changes to SuccessCREEations that I’ve been working on this morning. Recent Readers If you take a gander at the right side bar you will notice that I added a new feature that shows Recent Readers. This little dealie is powered by… Read More »

Work Where Your Passion Is

I’ve been doing quite a bit of introspection these days. It’s not that I’m narcissistic or anything. I just keep hearing folks say over and over again that you will be most successful career wise if you work where your passion is. The part that I’m struggling with is the whole part about where my… Read More »

Google Picks a Bad Fight

Can you have too much success? Google seems to think so. Check on this entry from the Official Google Blog this past week. Basically Google is worried that their trademark may get diluted because too many people are using the word Google “inappropriately”. Sure trademark protection is an important issue. However their blog post that… Read More »

Time – Your Wallet’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Time. It is one of the few ways all of us are truly equal. We all have the same 24 hours in each day. There aren’t folks our there who are given 30 hours each day. Nor does anyone have to make do with 20 hours. How we choose to make use of those hours… Read More »

Success Principle #10 – Harnessing The Wind

I was talking with a rather successful friend of my the other day about different business opportunities and he said something that caught my attention. Be sure you have enough sail out to catch the wind. He was telling me that there are opportunities in front of us all the time. Successful people learn how… Read More »

Other People are Critical to Your Success

You’ve probably heard a motivational speaker say something along the lines of If it is to be it’s up to me. They’ll tell you that you and you alone are responsible for your success. And that is true as far as it goes. But it isn’t enough. If you start looking at biographies of successful… Read More »

Success Principle #9 – Successful People Leave Things Undone

I’ve been going through my RSS feeds this morning. I’ve not spent much time looking at my Bloglines lately, and after over an hour of perusing through the 150+ feed that I subscribe to I still have over 500 unread items. Then I stopped to remind myself of a question. What is my priority here?… Read More »