A Moment To Focus on What Really Matters

Gorgeous and I are heading out of town for a while, taking a much needed break. This year we decided to mix it up a little so instead of spending a day braving our nation's air travel industry we are driving. From Savannah to Wisconsin. Here's to hoping for good weather! We decided to drive this … Read more about A Moment To Focus on What Really Matters

CREEating Value – 26 December 2006

Today we are going to launch a new feature as we get ready to move into 2007. It's called CREEating Value. What I'll be doing is going through my feed reader and sharing with you some blogs (or sometimes individual posts) that bring value to you as a business blogger. So without further … Read more about CREEating Value – 26 December 2006

Joining The Good Blogs

I've been hearing a lot about a relatively new blog cross promoting service lately called The Good Blogs. I first heard about it nearly a month ago when Mike Sansone mentioned how much he was digging having the widget on his blog (that's a lower case digging. ;) ) Since then I've noticed Ben … Read more about Joining The Good Blogs

Facing the Fighters

This past Monday (a day that will hence forth be known here at SuccessCREEations as Black Monday because of our server crash) I posted about Business Fighting Styles. In the discussion that followed a couple of cool things happened. First Grigor Ćorić suggested someone I'd left off my list, the … Read more about Facing the Fighters

A SuccessCREEations Christmas Thank You Gift

We're a relatively young blog here at SuccessCREEations. While I started blogging a while back, S-C didn't come into being until the Get Started post on 23 August which, if my reckoning is correct is almost exactly 4 months ago. We've come a long way in that third of a year. First the boring … Read more about A SuccessCREEations Christmas Thank You Gift

Life Lessons From 2006

Ben Yoskovitz has a group writing project under way over at the Instigator Blog asking the question, "What did you learn this year?" Whew! Talk about a big question! I mean I learned lots of things this year. Some of them were relatively insignificant yet very practical. For example I … Read more about Life Lessons From 2006

Backing Up – It’s Not Just For Cars

As you've probably heard, my web host had a catastrophic failure on one of their servers yesterday. And yes, it happened to be the very server SuccessCREEations was on. Then to compound the problem my host found that they had some bad CD-Rs in their backup storage so when they got things up and … Read more about Backing Up – It’s Not Just For Cars