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Lessons in Amazing Grace

Last night Gorgeous and I had a date night and we went to see the movie Amazing Grace. All I can say is Wow. Talk about a powerful movie. It tells the story of William Wilberforce who was the main driver in Parliament behind ending slavery in Great Britain at the turn of the 19th… Read More »

Visionary Cat Herding Princes of Execution

That last post about the quote I saw on Twitter generated quite a discussion about the difference in rolls between the Visionaries and the Princes(ses) of Execution. Tariq Khan and Karin Hermans in particular wrestled with the question can you move (or move someone) from one category to the other? It’s a great question. I… Read More »

Momentary Flashes of Twitter Brilliance

Twitter is all the rage these days. Several big blogging names are fully on board tweeting away. And a few others have not embraced the idea. The die hard Twitter converts would probably add a “yet” at the end of that last sentence. We’ll see. Fortunately for me their IM connectivity is still not working,… Read More »

An Open Letter To the “New” AT&T

Dear AT&T I awoke this morning to a very unpleasant example of your apparent unilateral corporate heavy handedness. And I’m not happy about it. I have been a contented BellSouth customer for many years. In fact, yesterday was my 9th wedding anniversary and we first opened our BellSouth account with a computer that was a… Read More »

CREEating Value – 21 March 2007

CREEating Value – About once a week I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. We’re overdue ’cause I sorta skipped last week. (oops!) And I am personally going through a bit of a challenging week on the non-blogging front. So today… Read More »

Success Principle #12 – The Words We Choose to Use Make a Difference

The Problem The other day I was cruising around some top quality bloggage when I happened across Kent Blumberg‘s place. Kent talks a lot about leadership principles, which is why I keep an eye on his blog. Anyway he was talking about a great leadership idea that the Japanese use that’s having trouble catching on… Read More »

Sunday Morning Goodness – 18 March 2007

Just poking around my feed reader this morning and there is so much great stuff out there you oughtta see. For example, Ben Yoskovitz is helping out folks just getting started with blogging with his pair of posts, 10 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Blog and 10 Things To Do After You Launch Your… Read More »

Frittering Time Away all a-Titter with the Twitter Jitters

Warning: If even think you might have a hint of an addictive personality you’re going to want to skip this post. Just come on back tomorrow when we are talking about something safer for you. I don’t want to be the one who leads you astray. I’m serious. If that’s you don’t read this. Unless… Read More »

And the Winner is QUALITY!

The results are in. We started last week by asking the question Quantity vs Quality – Which is Better? We had a lively discussion about it. Several of you really wanted me to add a “Both” choice on the poll. But that would have been too easy. Of course everyone wants both. Heck, we all… Read More »

How to Stay on Course During Life’s Storms

It started early yesterday morning. The cell phone never seems to be more than three feet from me, even when I’m sleeping at night. Especially at night. Its incredibly loud ringing shattered my sleep about an hour before the alarm was set to go off. The phone is always set on the loudest setting. I… Read More »