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Not As Planned

Sometimes things happen that throw our plans out the window. I had one of those times after work yesterday. Driving home on the highway I heard a loud bang, and felt the steering wheel shake once. Right away I knew. Blow out. Sure enough. I pulled off to the side and the right front tire… Read More »

Success Principle #15 – Unintended Consequences

Everything choice we make has consequences. And the place we find ourselves in life is simply a direct result of all the choices we’ve made, large or small, added together. Successful people realize this fact and strive to make their choices wisely. Many other people instead choose to ignore the cause and effect relationship of… Read More »

Mega List of Success Tools

You’ve got to check this out. Char and Dawud (talk about two people with cool names – they might end up there with Sting and Bono one day!) have put together an incredible list of 164 Essential Tools for Online Success. Take a look at just some of the categories of the tools they’ve found… Read More »

CREEating Value – 27 June 2007

CREEating Value It’s been a while but we’re getting back on track with this feature here at SuccessCREEations. Periodically I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. With over 80 million blogs out there finding a few that are worthy of making… Read More »

Success Principle #14 – Master Your Addictions

My Addiction I like coffee. I drink lots of it. Potfulls. Mass quantities. These days the perfect cup is a nice mild blend with a little half and half and a teaspoon of raw sugar. Or, if I’m feeling especially healthy, perhaps a bit of Stevia instead of the sugar. I like the smell. The… Read More »

Check Other Browsers When You Change Your Theme

It’s been a long weekend, thanks in part to a silly mistake. I had the luxury of an entire day on Saturday to work on the computer. It is rare these days that I have such a big block of time available. I had been scheduled to work on Saturday as second on call, which… Read More »

Sunday Morning Goodness – 24 June 2007

Just poking around my feed reader this morning and there is so much great stuff out there you oughtta see. For example, First off, Seth Godin thinks you should be blogging, even in you only feel like you have one post in you. Steve Farber pulls up an old article of his about a Kit-Kat… Read More »

Business Blogging Success Story – Selling a Dog of a Movie to Hollywood

Gorgeous and I both like Sci-Fi. Our Tivo is set to record the Sci-Fi channel‘s Friday night line up of Doctor Who, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica when they are in season. Have been for years. So when I got the usual monthly (or so) email from Twitter that had a blurb saying… Read More »

Open Wikis – Great Idea that Doesn’t Really Work

43 Best Blogs is Dead. At least it is for me. For now. It was a great idea: Set up an open wiki to showcase the best blogs on the web. With it open, anyone can edit the list at anytime, adding in the blogs they think best, deleting those that they don’t feel measure… Read More »

WordPress 2.2 is Hard on Existing Themes

I like the latest and greatest. I’m all about shiny and new. But the latests version of WordPress is just out of reach for me right now without some theme surgery. I tried to update my personal blog to WordPress 2.2 a little while back and ran into a problem. Everything looked OK on the… Read More »