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Consider Carefully What Name You Use to Comment

Lorell VanFossen has a great post up over at the Blog Herald asking the question What Do You Put in the Name of a Comment Form? It is something to consider carefully. As Lorelle points out you have three basic choices of what to enter in that field when you leave a comment. You can… Read More »

A Little SOBCon Levity

You may not know Susan Reynolds. But I’m guessing you probably should. She bills herself as a new media consultant. And she is very active in Web 2.0 stuff like Twitter and Second Life. But don’t let that fool you. Susan also has a remarkable creative streak. You may recall from my birthday last month,… Read More »

Anniversaries Galore!

Thursday was a big day here at the Cree house. Gorgeous had a big event Thursday evening to celebrate the first year anniversary of the Savannah chapter of eWomenNetwork. She started the chapter from nothing last year. Thursday’s event was a smashing success with over 90 people registered and only a handful of no-shows. The… Read More »

Back in the Saddle

I don’t know how your life works. But there are times in my life when things happen that I have very little control over. Most times it isn’t the big things that get in the way, but a myriad of little things that pile up and push aside those things that I really would rather… Read More »

Mac Friday – 3 August 2007

Well it’s now been about 2 weeks since my Mac Mini arrived. And things are going well. I overheard Gorgeous telling a friend that she doesn’t hear grumpy noises eminating from my office anymore. I take that as a good sign things are going well. Before I got the Mac I was at the point… Read More »

See Which Pages Others are Viewing with Who’s Among Us.

I’ve been test driving a little blog widget from a service called Who’s Among Us. So far I’ve got to say so far I like it. It is elegantly simple in what it does. It shows which pages other folks are currently viewing on your site. What it does When you install their widget on… Read More »

Surprising Light Bulb Moments

When was the last time you had a light bulb moment? You know the kind. You’re just trucking along thinking things are just ducky. You’ve got things figured out and you know exactly where you are headed. Then. Wham! A moment suddenly comes when a whole bunch of things you never knew before, or probably… Read More »