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Things are Happening at SuccessCREEations

This has been an exciting week for us here and it’s only Wednesday! Yesterday we signed the incorporation papers so we are now officially SuccessCREEations, Inc. We are working on an official logo to replace the lighthouse badges that I’ve been using on the site in places like the Business Blogging 101 series. The new… Read More »

Some Rules You Should Never Break

Yesterday I mentioned some rules that you can get away with breaking in your efforts to keep focused on the money making activities in your business. But there are some rules you should never break. These unbreakable rules apply not only to your business but also to your entire life as well. Really there aren’t… Read More »

We’re Blog of the Day at FuelMyBlog!

Just saw the email letting me know SuccessCREEations has been named Blog of the Day at FuelMyBlog. How totally cool! Thanks, guys! Even sent me a snazzy new icon to put in my sidebar letting everyone know ’bout it too. So go ahead and click on it and fuel my blog!

Some Rules Were Meant to be Broken

It is easy to get distracted, loose focus, and squander precious resources as a result. Too much time doing just the things we like, or that we know we do well (or that are easy) can keep us from other more critical tasks and ultimately mean the difference between the success or failure of our… Read More »

Old Media Powerhouse Learns New Media Lesson

There has long been friction between the traditional old media providers which include print and television, and new media information sources which are overwhelmingly Internet based. If you look deep enough you can find some basic philosophical differences between the ways old media and new media approach information flow. Old media has traditionally provided information… Read More »

Tagged with Joe’s Promise

I’ve been keeping a very low profile on the bloggosphere of late. I’ve my reasons. I’m keeping my eye on my priorities. All is well. This morning Liz Strauss tagged me with Joe’s Promise. You see, Joe had been keeping a low profile too. He explained what happened in his post about a week back… Read More »

Gorgeous Wins an Award

The past few weeks have been crazy for us here in the Cree household. Lots of great things going on. One in particular I wanted to highlight for you is that Gorgeous was recognized last week for her outstanding achievement as an Entrepreneur. The local Savannah organization, A Working Woman in Need (AWWIN), hosts an… Read More »