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1 Simple Tip to Improve Readability and SEO at the Same Time

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, “Are you an SEO Expert?” When I talk with the asker a bit, usually what they want to know is, “Can you help my site get ranked higher in the search engines?” You bet I can do that. Did you know there is something you… Read More »

Joining the High Calling Blogs

I’m excited to announce that SuccessCREEations has joined the High Calling Blogs. Blog Network The High Calling Blogs is a new faith based blog network that is setting out to explore the intersection of faith in the workplace. Here’s an excerpt from their about page: seeks to connect people with the faith that undergirds… Read More »

Errors Upgrading WordPress – Troubleshooting Tips

Not everyone follows instructions. When upgrading your WordPress site not following the upgrade instructions can cause some really unpleasant things to happen and give some scary error messages. Maybe you messed things up through ignorance. Or if you’re like me you might just try doing it wrong just to see what happens. If you’re in… Read More »

When Hosting Goes Bad

Web hosting is not a 100% thing. I tell people that while most reputable hosts legitimately claim 99% up time things do break. It doesn’t matter whether they are mechanical or electronic. Bad things happen from time to time. That 99% figure is an average. What that means is that during any given month your… Read More »