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Yahoo Shine – Social Media Made for Women?

Yahoo! recently launched a new social media portal called Shine aimed squarely at women. It’s a potentially brilliant move if it’s executed well. Women tend to be naturally more into the whole “social” aspect of social media than men on average. Even so, with a few notable exceptions, blogging and social media have been dominated… Read More »

Contributing to The Age of Conversation: Why Don’t People Get It?

About a year ago Drew McLellan and 100 other bloggers collaborated on a groundbreaking book called The Age of Conversation. With such a distinguished contributer list and all the proceeds of the book benefiting Variety – the Children’s Charity it was a fabulous project. If you’d like to get an insight on how some of… Read More »

Your Reading Stack Meme

Got tagged by Director Tom with the Page 123 meme. He tagged me via Twitter, which is a new twist. The point of this meme is to take whatever book you are reading right now and share sentences 6-8 on page 123. Here it goes. Right now I’m reading Who Are You Really, and What… Read More »

Sandra Yancey Speaks at Savannah eWomenNetwork Event

Sandra Yancey the CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork came to Savannah this week to speak at the local eWomenNetwork chapter’s monthly Accelerated Networking Event. Her talk was fabulous and I’ve got to say that Sandra Yancey is a tremendously good public speaker. She had the whole room captivated for the entire time she spoke and… Read More »

Gorgeous on TV

Gorgeous and I were up early this morning. I set the alarm for 4 AM because we had to be down at one of our local TV stations by 6 so that Gorgeous could be interviewed about her upcoming eWomenNetwork event. The event Wednesday will be a big deal because eWomenNetwork founder and CEO Sandra… Read More »

A Lifetime of Odd Jobs

HighCallingBlogs has a group writing project underway. Marcus Goodyear is hosting on his page Lessons from Odd Jobs. He’s updating the list as entries are submitted and there is no hard deadline so if you want to add your take on the subject feel free. Here is mine. An Unusual Career Path Even though I’ve… Read More »

I Caught a Cold at a Redneck Wedding

Gorgeous and I attended a redneck wedding this weekend. Now before you get all scandalized about my using the term “redneck” you should know that’s how the bride and groom described it. In fact the bride actually came up to us at the reception and asked, “So, have you ever been to a redneck wedding… Read More »