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2008 Age of Conversation Author List Finalized

Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton have finalized the list of contributing authors for the 2008 edition of the Age of Conversation. Natural attrition pared down the original list of 275 to 237 finalists. And the list reads like a who’s who of the blogging, social media and online marketing realm. This means the book is… Read More »

Don’t Make this Traffic Killing Mistake

One of the big reasons we have web sites and blogs is to generate traffic. I mean why put up a site unless want people to see it, right? Yet some people insist on adding this traffic repellent to their sites and then wonder why they never see more than a handful of visitors. Smelling… Read More »

15 Ways to Attract Comments Like an A-Lister

Whether we are blogging to support our business or blogging simply to rant about, well, just about anything, we all crave comments on our blogs. Not only do comments show us that somebody, somewhere out there is interested enough about what we wrote to respond, but comments also can help build traffic as well. If… Read More »

The Lonely Entrepreneur

This post is a little personal. And it’s been a little hard to write for a couple of reasons. Starting your own business can be a bit of a lonely affair, as I’m finding out. Sure Gorgeous also works out of our house. I go out to meetings, do outside local networking and I am… Read More »