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Improved Security When Upgrading WordPress Not Automatic

One click WordPress upgrades are convenient. They fit right in with how I describe blogging platforms to the uninitiated: They make web publishing simple for people of modest technical means. Some web hosts include the Fantastico module which also allows for one click upgrades of WordPress. I’ve used it many times. It is (usually) faster… Read More »

Chris Brogan is on a Roll

Social Media rock star, Chris Brogan, is on a roll with his blog posts these days. Yesterday he posted links to ten posts representing his Best Advice About Social Media. Then today he followed it up with his Best Advice About Blogging. If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ blog, you should definately check it out.… Read More »

Delicious Gets a New Look and a New Domain

One of my favorite social media sites, the social bookmarking site, got a major overhaul about a week ago. Not only did the site get a whole new look, but they’ve cast off their strangely unique domain name for a more conventional one. Delicious Bookmarks If somehow you aren’t familiar with Delicious then you… Read More »

KnowMoreMedia – Demise of a Blog Network

This has been a sad week for the blogging world. KnowMoreMedia, a major blog network with over 100 blogs focused on the business world, effectively went out of business as of Thursday. Well, they laid off all their employees anyway. I suppose technically that’s not exactly the same thing as going out of business. But… Read More »