Archives for November 2008

One Wrong Way to Get Links

We all know that getting inbound links, links from other web sites linking in to yours, is an important part of marketing your blog and raising your authority and rankings in the search engines. There are all kinds of ways to encourage other bloggers to link to you, but ultimately the best way to get… Read More »

Being Thankful

This Thanksgiving morning Gorgeous and I were talking about how much we have to be thankful for. The news is full of all kinds of horrible things going on in the world. In the headlines today is a terrible attack in India with over 100 tourists killed. Apparently a plan to bomb Penn Station in… Read More »

WordPress Security Release Version 2.6.5

WordPress gave us yet one more security update to version 2.6 before the long anticipated major release of version 2.7, which is expected in the next few weeks. The new WordPress version 2.6.5 addresses a security vulnerability as well as a few other very minor improvements. There are a total of five files modified in… Read More »

Help Us Help You – A 3 Minute Survey

Here at SuccessCREEations we are looking for ways to serve you better. We have been getting quite a few inquiries lately from folks wondering if we have any kind of material they can purchase that will help them get started with blogging and social media. Unfortunately we don’t. Yet. However on the good news front… Read More »

Social Media Autoresponders – Good Marketing or Missing the Point?

People generally prefer to interact with other people rather than machines. And most folks are especially not keen on interacting with machines masquerading as people. Ever get frustrated by an automated phone tree when trying to contact a business and feel like screaming, “I just want to talk to a person!“? Robocalls were big in… Read More »

Joining Skinny Moose Media

Last week I alluded to an upcoming announcement. Today I’m thrilled to announce that I have joined Skinny Moose Media as their new Community Development Director. Between their Skinny Moose blog network and their US Hunting Today brand they have just over 100 websites in their community generating nearly a million page views a month.… Read More »