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Carbon Motors Police Car of the Future in Savannah

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the future of law enforcement vehicles. And it’s pretty cool. No. It’s way beyond cool. The coolness was on display down at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center in a public event that, well,  really wasn’t publicized all that well. I happened to hear about it from… Read More »

Loving to Hate Facebook

As long as we’re on a a Facebook roll this week, I thought I’d share this little video I found via Cherly Smith’s blog. Over and above the TOS issue, the video pretty much sums up the things I don’t like about Facebook. Check it out. 25 Things I Hate About Facebook – What do… Read More »

Facebook Overtakes MySpace

Yesterday we talked about a change in the Facebook Terms Of Service that means Facebook owns your content – forever. And then at a talk I participated in for our local Small Business Chamber here in Savannah yesterday a couple of the panelists shared a little about how their being active on Facebook is leading… Read More »

Facebook Now Owns Your Content – Forever

Update: This subject made the front page of Drudge yesterday. The article is here. I’m big into social media, especially as a way to promote your business. Even so I’ve never been head over heels about Facebook as a means to promote business. I know many businesses out there who see great returns from their… Read More »

BuddyPress One Step Closer to DIY Social Media Site

Social Networks can be very powerful. For those who know how to tap into them effectively, social media websites are are greatly accelerating businessesby expanding their reach and influence in a cost effective way. There are even tons of options for those who want to create their own networking groups. If you want an all-in-one… Read More »

WordPress Releases Update Version 2.7.1

On Tuesday WordPress released an update version 2.7.1. This release is being called a maintenance release and addresses 68 bugs and enhancements that were pointed out by users to the 2.7 release. WordPress 2.7 Changes Everything If you still haven’t updated your WordPress installation to the 2.7 series that was released before the holidays you… Read More »

How to Revive a Stagnant Blog

Sooner or later it happens to most every blogger. One day you turn around and find that your blog has been neglected for far too long. Unless you are remarkably disciplined, have an incredibly structured life that never has surprises, or have partnered with a co-author or two life is bound to get in the… Read More »