Archives for September 2010

When a Blog is Not a Blog

This month marks the 5 year anniversary since I wrote my first blog post. I was testing the waters, thinking I might want to be a writer. What better way to experiment than with a free web publishing tool that could be accessed from anywhere? That was my theory at least. Little did I know… Read More »

Little Debbie Leverages Social Media For Product Launch

I have a bit of a thing for Little Debbie. Have for a long time. I especially like her Swiss Rolls. There’s some history where they are concerned in our house, which I’ll explain in a minute. Little Debbie is actively marketing via social media. The company’s Facebook page has over a half a million… Read More »

How to Block Spam on WordPress

Spam is the scourge of the internet. No one wants to have spam comments filling up their WordPress website. It reflects poorly on you as a site owner, and this is especially true if you WordPress site represents your business! Fortunately there are some great tools available to make eradicating spam on your WordPress site… Read More »