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Guy Fun With a Micro Cannon

OK. Time for some guy fun. It’s like I keep trying to explain to my wife. From a guy’s perspective, things that go Whoosh! or Booom! are cool. Period. Past Job It’s probably time for a little confession, for those of you who don’t know. The reason I have this airplane photo set as my… Read More »

Blogging for Your Business – 13 Masters Show You How

Last year, David Frey and Maruxa Murphy invited me to be a part of a new telesummit series they were putting together. The topic at the time was Twitter Masters. If you are still trying to get your mind around how to tap into Twitter the info there is still relevant and worth the price… Read More »

How to Come Up with a Steady Stream of Content Ideas for Your Business Blog

A lot of times the idea of consistently coming up with creative things to write about for your business blog can be pretty intimidating. Too often people feel like they need to paint a picture but they’ve only got a blank palette to work from.

Choosing the Best WordPress Permalink Structure

There is a ton of incomplete information about the best option for structuring your WordPress permalinks. SEO considerations are important, but so is WordPress performance. Both should be taken into consideration.

Zombies Are Invading Sears

Sears has launched an apparent stealth marketing campaign with Zombies taking over portions of their website.

Sesame Street Parodies Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Sometimes reworking something that has already proven wildly successful can be successful in its own right. Sesame Street created a parody of a wildly successful commercial with Grover playing the role of Old Spice Man. And it works.

How to Get 97% More Inbound Links and 55% More Visitors to Your Business Website

If you are having trouble getting traffic to your business website and struggle with your link building efforts you should consider adding a business blog to your marketing mix. Blogs make a huge difference in online business marketing results.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

Plugins make WordPress even more capable by adding features beyond the core software. Here are the top 10 WordPress plugins for small business websites so you don’t have to sort through the thousands of plugins available.

TV News Interview – Cyber Bullying

I was interviewed recently on one of our local TV news stations, WJCL, as part of a story they did on the recent cases of cyber bullying. Here is the story: Now “bullying” probably isn’t much of an issue for the average business, online or off. However it is closely related to reputation management which… Read More »

Content Delivery Networks – Not Just for the Big Guys Anymore

A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a powerful way to dramatically improve the performance of your website while still keeping costs manageable. Not too long ago CDNs were only practical for really big websites that were getting massive amounts of traffic. But the technical and price barriers are dropping to the point where even… Read More »