Brand New Design

If you are a feed subscriber you might not know. But we’ve just launched the redesigned SuccessCREEations, Inc. website. There are still some bugs to work out yet and now I’m in the same boat that my clients often find themselves, a new website just begging to be filled with content. Upgrading WordPress The first… Read More »

WordPress Advanced ToolBar

One of the advantages of using WordPress as a publishing platform is that the WordPress folks are constantly adding new and better features. It can be a challenge to keep up sometimes. This is especially true if we’ve come up with a way to do something that has since been made simpler in more recent… Read More »

Errors Upgrading WordPress – Troubleshooting Tips

Not everyone follows instructions. When upgrading your WordPress site not following the upgrade instructions can cause some really unpleasant things to happen and give some scary error messages. Maybe you messed things up through ignorance. Or if you’re like me you might just try doing it wrong just to see what happens. If you’re in… Read More »

When Hosting Goes Bad

Web hosting is not a 100% thing. I tell people that while most reputable hosts legitimately claim 99% up time things do break. It doesn’t matter whether they are mechanical or electronic. Bad things happen from time to time. That 99% figure is an average. What that means is that during any given month your… Read More »

Add Functionality to WordPress with Plugins

WordPress is a powerful web publishing platform. That statement almost goes without saying. Because it is open source there is a tremendous amount of support for the platform freely available out there. And you can really add functionality to your WordPress site by adding plugins. What Plugins Are Plugins are simply smaller programs that interact… Read More »

Backing Up – It’s Not Just For Cars

As you’ve probably heard, my web host had a catastrophic failure on one of their servers yesterday. And yes, it happened to be the very server SuccessCREEations was on. Then to compound the problem my host found that they had some bad CD-Rs in their backup storage so when they got things up and running… Read More »