Yesterday we talked about a change in the Facebook Terms Of Service that means Facebook owns your content – forever. And then at a talk I participated in for our local Small Business Chamber here in Savannah yesterday a couple of the panelists shared a little about how their being active on Facebook is leading to direct donations in support of their non-profits.

Facebook passes MySpace for unique visitors.
Facebook passes MySpace for unique visitors.

Facebook Now On Top

In spite of the new TOS changes Facebook is growing at a record pace. In fact, Facebook surpassed MySpace to take over the number 1 spot for social media traffic levels.

You can see by the Compete comparison at the right that Facebook has been growing traffic steadily since last spring while MySpace has been steady to slightly declining over the same period.

According to the published Facebook statistics they currently have over 170 million active user accounts with over 15 million users updating their statuses at least daily. (I’m not one of those 15 million.)

MySpace doesn’t have any published statistical data that I can find. In fact, the only “company” info they have on their website is this very lame “About Us” page which doesn’t say much of anything. Perhaps that is part of what contributes to the general perception that MySpace is for kids. If they don’t bother to even appear to take their business seriously, why should the rest of us?

Real Connections

Personally I’ve never done much of anything with MySpace for myself beyond opening a profile and poking around a fair amount so that I could have an understanding of the platform’s pros & cons when working with clients.

However I am fairly active on Facebook (in spite of my TOS concerns). I probably average checking in on my account about once a day to see what my friends are up to. I figure since so many others are active their it would be irresponsible of me not to. I’ve got over 300 friends there and have connected with folks that I haven’t been in contact with in years. Ok, in some cases it’s more like decades.

If you want to send me a friend request, here is my Facebook profile.

Congratulations to Facebook for becoming the number 1 social media site. It’s a place where we can all make real connections.


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