Chris Cree

With his eclectic work experience and wide ranging interests, Chris is ideally suited to head up an organization like SuccessCREEations, Inc. The unusual job titles he’s had in the past beg for more explanation. Some examples include

  • Third Mate
  • Flight Officer
  • Vessel Planner
  • Port Captain
  • Boarding Agent
  • Marine Manager


Chris graduated college with a degree and a Third Mate’s license from the US Coast Guard to drive ocean going cargo ships. His ROTC scholarship had helped pay for school and when he got to the Navy flying looked like more fun than driving ships. So Chris spent 6 years as a Flight Officer, navigating jets off of aircraft carriers.

After he resigning his commission, Chris worked in the maritime industry for nearly 15 years, in many different aspects of cargo operations. There were lots of long hours in all kinds of weather at all hours of the day and night.

Ships are no respecters of personal schedules.

During all that time around the docks Chris developed an ability refine cargo operation systems making them more efficient and effective. In the process he saved his employers millions of dollars in operational costs.

Shift to New Media

Looking for a creative outlet, Chris started his first blog in 2005. Loving it, within a few short months he bought his first domain, opened a basic web hosting account, and shifted his blog to WordPress.

It wasn’t long before Chris discovered he had an inner geek that he didn’t know existed. Some of the new friends he made online liked what he was doing with his sites and asked for help with theirs. Chris was happy to help out where he could.

Eventually his wife (who is a very wise lady, by the way) suggested that if Chris was going to spend that much time in front of the computer he better find a way to get paid for it, or find another hobby. That made sense. SuccessCREEations, Inc. was formed in September 2007 and Chris left his full time job in the maritime industry on the last day of that same year.

WordPress Hosting and More

SuccessCREEations developed a service called EmmanuelPress to provide highly effective, low cost, easy to use websites for churches, ministries and missionaries. We also partnered with Dawud Miracle to create WPAnnex as a service to

Beyond that, Chris has more projects in mind. All of them will address specific needs within new media in a structured systematic way.


Being the son of a high school teacher, Chris has a natural ability to explain complex things in simple language that makes them easy to understand. So to him, training was a natural compliment to website development. Clients should be guided through the process of learning how to use their website and other new media tools effectively.

New Media Profit Path was launched in the summer of 2010 to address that need for effective training for a broader audience. That way do-it-yourselfers and those whose budgets wouldn’t allow them to hire Chris could still get the information they so desperately needed.

Social Profiles

You can connect with Chris around the web on various social sites. Here are some of his profiles:

Other Stuff

On a more personal note Chris was a die hard dog guy until his first cat adopted him. Now he’s come to believe that cat’s have a PR problem.

Chris has no problem getting up to speak in front of large groups of people or video cameras. In fact he’s got a little bit of an actor bug and dreams of one day acting in some feature films.

His two favorite food groups are coffee and chocolate, but not necessarily in that order.


Chris has been interviewed by local TV news reporters because of his new media expertise. For example:


And also…