Here is what some people are saying about SuccessCREEations:

“I was tearing my hair out trying to get my website up and running, having been let down by two previous Web Designers. Thankfully, Chris Cree from SuccessCREEations agreed to step into the breach for me! He worked in a professional accomplished manner, and it was clear from our first email that he knew what he was talking about, and also could understand what it was that I wanted from the site. He managed to turn my site around so quickly, I could hardly believe it, after waiting literally months for the previous two designers. Thanks to Chris I now have a site which looks great, and more importantly is already generating leads for me in less than a week of going ‘live’. I would thoroughly recommend working with Chris if you get the chance, because he helps get the foundations right in your business. Many thanks Chris!!”

Tanya Smith

“Chris Cree of SuccessCREEations helped me with my overall blog redesign. He was the single most important factor in the success of this process. I am so grateful to him and I recommend his services to anyone considering adding a WordPress blog, upgrading a WordPress blog, switching web hosts or any other WordPress support you might need. And his prices are very fair and reasonable.

Here’s what Chris did for me:

  1. Upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.
  2. Moved my blog from my old web host to my new web host, Media Temple.
  3. Installed my new WordPress theme.
  4. Provided guidance on choosing a WordPress theme that would be compatible, easy to use, and would look good.
  5. Overall expert consultation on the process of upgrading and redesigning my blog.

How to Get Professional Help with WordPress: Call or email Chris Cree. Visit his website,, to learn more about him. I wanted to get this done for a long time and by employing Chris’s help it was easy! Thanks Chris!!”

Kristin Stone (AKA AgentSully)

“I was working hard – real hard. But I was not working smart. Chris Cree was the catalyst that changed that. Knowledgeable, helpful, gracious, and professional. My business and professional skills are moving to the next level. Thanks Chris!”

April Groves

“I had the pleasure of attending Blog Savannah where Chris was presenting on corporate blogging. He gave an great overview and helped to quiet the naysayers in the room. His ideas sparked me to launch a blog for my non-profit organization that helps us to better communicate with our target audience. I enjoy my visits to his website to learn more about how to improve my blogging to achieve results.”

Lisa Scarbrough

“Chris Cree is nothing short of the next evolution of what your business needs to succeed. Drawing from his extensive background but with an eye towards new applications and strategies, Cree builds strategies and aids in their implementation, such that your business can’t help but improve from his efforts. I recommend Chris’s work, and feel he’s a quality talent in his field.”

Chris Brogan

“Chris is the guy you hand any project to and know that it is safe and secure. He is personally invested, but doesn’t take his work personally. His perspective from every viewpoint and his maturity is rounded and rare. He can grasp the 30,000 view, strategize with the best, and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. He both spatial and interpersonal intelligence. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Chris, who doesn’t respect his work and his expertise, and who wouldn’t love to work with him. Chris does excellent work, because he doesn’t know how to do any less than that. Chris also knows how to make fun and not to take himself or the world too seriously when a curve ball comes in hard and fast. I trust him with my business, my work, and my reputation. Chris is a leader in thought, word and deed. There is no question about that.”

Liz Strauss

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