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If you are looking for some tips on how to get started with video on your blog you might want to check out the guest post I did yesterday over at Blog for Profit.

Grant Griffiths is someone I consider a friend, even if he is a lawyer by training. 😉 He’s the owner of the fabulous Headway WordPress theme which powers SuccessCREEations. (Check out this Headway review to see why I made the switch.)

Anyway, it you want to see what I had to say, go check out Using Video to Kick Your Blog in the Butt. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. Just viewed the video and there are some great points made.

  2. Videos are informative. Good points have been stressed. So much have been learned upon viewing the videos. Thanks!

  3. Informative video, thanks.

    Interested in using Viddler for our business blog but ‘from $100 a month’ – eek.

    Do you know if the ad-supported version is any good? How intrusive are the ads?

    I currently just use embedded Youtube videos. I tried to embed my own flash videos but they took too long to load.

    Again, thanks for an informative post, blog duly bookmarked!

  4. Thank you for sharing the link of Blog for Profit. It helps in my attempt to make my blog appear more lively, creative, and moving. And video aids a lot in achieving that…

  5. I think a lot of people are missing out on massive amounts of traffic by not using videos on their blog and in their marketing arsenal. There are more people watching Youtube on a daily basis than there are watching the news on all of the networks combined. That ought to speak for itself.

  6. Thanks for the post. I’m totally new at Video utilization but i think it will surely liven up our blog(s). Now i guess i’ll have to shave and get a haircut so i don’t look like a caveman commerical.

  7. Videos on blogs is a great viral marketing strategy. Visitors will also enjoy watching them. I just visited blogs for profit link and it gives me more ideas on how to use videos on my blogs.

  8. I have never learned how to do videos; I know that I am missing out on some powerful marketing strategies. Thanks for the link I really enjoyed it; maybe it can provide with some tips and ideas on how to use videos for my sites.

  9. I planned to use videos on my site 2 years ago but didn’t solve the problem of hosting video files. First, it would require a mass of bandwidth and second, video uploading and converting to .flv is also quite tricky – at least it seemed to me like that at the time. Of course there are video sharing sites but there are many limitations for commercial use, or the price is ridiculous.

  10. I have recently started using YouTube videos on my sites and more people are staying longer and clicking Adsense it seems. I need to start producing my own videos now instead of using other people’s.

  11. Thanks. I have 2 blogs going now

  12. Chris McCarron says:

    Great video thanks. We use videos on our website which have worked very well.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing this resource, it’s exactly what am looking for in preparation for my video blogging site. Cheers!

  14. Headway and the other new themes on WordPress like it are really game changers for simple website development. Thanks for pointing this out!

  15. Does using videos embedded from Youtube somehow devalue your video, or is it just the same?

  16. There is a site called “Web Pro News” that puts up lots of video blogs. What I like about the style of their posts is that it always seems like they are at an important event and just taking time out to talk to the camera. In reality they could be just standing outside their local wallmart.

  17. oh, thanks for sharing….

  18. I have recently started using YouTube on my sites and more people are staying longer and clicking Adsense it seems, i will try to make my self vedio rather than using other peoples.

  19. Yeah. Been reading a lot of “blog for profit” blogs and I am still not getting it. Lol

  20. Thanks for this, we are trying to expand our blog and this would be a good way to do it.


  21. Thank you for sharing the link of Blog for Profit. It helps in my attempt to make my blog appear more lively, creative, and moving.

  22. Thanks for the link to Blog for Profit. I have been considering adding video of my New York Uncontested Divorce legal services to my blog. This was of great help.

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