Local TV News Interview About Facebook Privacy

The Coastal Source story about Facebook and PrivacyYesterday afternoon I got a call from Jennifer Beale, a local TV news reporter with WJCL, The Coastal Source. Jennifer was putting together a story on Facebook and privacy and was looking for some background information.

I happened to be driving home from a meeting (a planning meeting for WordCamp Savannah that we’re holding in August. Very exciting stuff!) so I headed over to the station for an interview.

Here’s the segment they put together:

They also posted the story on their website under the title Will You Delete Your Facebook on May 31st?.

Review Your Facebook Privacy Settings

As I said in yesterday’s post, Facebook Privacy – What You Need to Know, the key is to review your own privacy settings on a regular basis. In that post I have links to all of the resources mentioned in the news story, including the New York Times graphic showing how complicated Facebook has made privacy management for users, and the tool they mention at the end of the interview to reclaim your Facebook privacy.

I also posted a video in that story where I show you where to click so you can check your Facebook privacy settings and make sure you are sharing your information only with those you want to.

So, do you think privacy is a concern on Facebook?

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