New Media Profit Path Launches WordPress Course

The WordPress course was just launched at New Media Profit Path. Here’s some of what I shared about the course with our Platinum Lifetime Members:

This course contains all the info you need to know to get started with WordPress in 8 videos and a total of an hour and forty-five minutes of instruction!

Here’s what you find there:

  • Why .org is Better for Business
  • How to Install WordPress in Under 2 Minutes
  • Manual Installation & Setup
  • Walk Through the Menus
  • Editing Your Content with the Post & Page Edit Screens
  • Adding Functionality with Plugins
  • The Art of Selecting a Good Theme

Oh, and I’ve included a bunch of additional resources to give you everything you need to master WordPress completely.

That’s a ton of great content (if I do say so myself.)

And even though only 3 of the 8 initial courses are live yet there is nearly 5 hours of training already available on New Media Profit Path! If you are looking for the tools you need to get ahead in this new and rapidly emerging marketplace then you’ll want to check it out.

If you’re still skeptical then check out the free offer I’ve put together.

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