How about something a little lighter today?

You know something’s successful when folks start making parodies of your work. And the recent Old Spice social media marketing campaign was very successful.

So successful in fact that Sesame Street put together a parody of one of the main Old Spice commercials used in the campaign. Check it out.

Grover as Old Spice Man

That’s something to keep in mind if you are looking for a good idea.

Sometimes reworking something that was wildly successful in your own unique style can be very successful too. Grover’s video has already become the 4th most viewed video on the Sesame Street YouTube Channel in just about a week with nearly 5 million views.

Why It Works

I think the big reason the Sesame Street parody works is because they took a proven concept – the original Old Spice commercial has been watched nearly 22 million times – and presented it in the flavor of a know character – Grover.

Most folks in the US under 50 know who Grover is. I remember seeing him teaching about things like “near and far” 35+ years ago when I was a kid.

While they obviously copied the original, they added Grover’s personality to it, making it uniquely their own.

I actually laughed out loud at the end when he said, “I’m on a horse… [moo] cow.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the original Old Spice commercial. It’s entertaining in its own right.

The Original Ad



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