Search Engine Optimization is a must for any website that wants traffic. The thing is, SEO can be a bit complicated to pull off, especially if you’re not so technically inclined. Fortunately Scribe makes optimizing your website easy.

SEO is Complex

Scribe. SEO Made Simple.In order to master SEO you first have to learn a whole new language and become familiar with things like PageRank, Keywords, Keyword Density, Keyword Research, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Link Building and Quality Score. You have to understand the difference between on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Then you have to understand how all the pieces fit together so that you can actually apply those things to improve your search engine rankings. I’m not saying it’s impossible to learn all that. It’s just time consuming. And most folks, especially business owners, have better things to do with their time.

Outsourcing SEO

Most businesses deal with that complexity by outsourcing their SEO efforts. They hire a third party firm to optimize their website pages for the search engines.

However there’s another way that you can “outsource” your search engine optimization.

Scribe to the Rescue

Scribe simplifies everything for us. With just one mouse click it will not only show us how our well our page is optimized, but it will also offer some suggestions on how to improve the optimization on the page if it isn’t up to snuff.

Once you have the content of your web page ready you just click Scribe’s “Analyze” button and it evaluates the search engine optimization on your page in just a few seconds. The software then shows you a score out of 100% and provides recommendations for improving your page in a dozen different areas.

That takes all the guess work out of SEO and replaces it with real empirical information you can use to make your site perform better in the search engines. The folks behind Scribe provide plugins for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to integrate their service seamlessly with those platforms.

But even if you are not using one of those open source platforms you can still use Scribe to analyze your web content. You can just drop your content into their web interface at your secure Scribe account and it will analyze it for you. Then you make the recommended modifications and you’re ready to paste your content back into your site.

As you can see from the image here, this post scored 100% so I didn’t have to adjust anything. I could hit “Publish” knowing that my content is optimized for the keywords I was targeting. No guess, no mess.

We have a very high standard for sponsors here at SuccessCREEations and Scribe well exceeds them with their excellent service. To get started with Scribe just Click Here.

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Scribe. SEO Made Simple.


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