No one likes pushy people. There are some industries whose sales reps have a bad reputation. When most people think about someone selling used cars, insurance, or a network marketing opportunity for example, they get a certain idea in their brain about what to expect.

Unfortunately the stereotype is so ingrained that a pleasant encounter with someone in one of those fields ends up getting talked about.

The problem isn’t in any of those businesses, but rather in the way that far to many sales people have been trained to treat people. As a result they come across as pushy, manipulative, and demanding.

Demanding Doesn’t Work

I’m not sure if it ever did work. But it sure isn’t effective where social media is concerned. People aren’t going to be motivated to share your content to their network and expand your reach simply because you add, “Share or Like if you agree!” to it.

You might see some short term benefits by demanding or manipulating people. But in the long run it repels folks and is completely ineffective. –Chris Cree

It’s great to be passionate about something. And there’s nothing wrong with sharing that passion on social media.

Facebook Likes

But people get into trouble when they put pressure on others to be equally passionate about it on Facebook or other social media sites. The moment you demand that someone Like what you share you put your Facebook friends in an awkward spot.

In the beginning a few might click Like. But they’re mostly doing it because they feel sorry for you. I mean if we’re being honest here, you ought to know.

Because in the long term it doesn’t work when you place demands on people to share your stuff. You end up running people off and repelling people just like a poorly trained obnoxious salesman.

The Better Alternative

There’s a better way. Instead of slinging out lame content and trying to manipulate people into sharing it, you can just put a little effort into creating something that people would want to share.

Yeah, it takes a bit more work to do that. But you won’t repel your friends.

And over time you will build a reputation for sharing quality stuff that stands on it’s own. You’ll attract far more Facebook Likes and see your stuff shared much more often that way.


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