In addition to preparing to give a social media talk last week I had to get my chapter in this year’s Age Of Conversation by the Thursday deadline. As I posted a while back, the overarching topic this year is “Why don’t people get it?”

I’m still going to leave it as a surprise as to which of the topic areas inside the main theme that I chose because, well because I’m sneaky that way sometimes.

I will however give you a taste of what I wrote in the exactly 400 words that I submitted. (That was our targeted word count for submission. I love it when a plan comes together!)

…“Don’t ask them to pimp your stuff,” I explain, “especially before you’ve established a relationship with them.” I am approached multiple times a week with requests to promote other folk’s stuff on my blog…

And if you’d like to find out what some of the nearly 300 contributers have to say about the project, just check out the Google Blog Search for “Age of Conversation”.

I’ll be sure to give y’all a shout when the book is released.


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