Life has its ups and downs and none of us are up all the time. Yet many trapped in the masses of mediocrity seem to be down much of the time.

Did you ever wonder about those people who are on the other side of the fence? There are some people who just seem to enjoy the heck out of life. They tend to almost always be up. They’re fun to be around.

You know the type. They make you feel refreshed when you get off the phone with them. When you see their number on the caller ID you start smiling even before you say, “Hello” because you know you are about to have a good conversation.

We have a friend in Charleston like that. She is so enthusiastic, so encouraging, so incredibly positive that folks really love talking with her. I told my wife one time how much fun it is when she calls. “Talking with her, it sound like someone is tickling her toes the entire time we’re on the phone.” She is so energised that it is obvious to me and to everyone around her that she enjoys life.

Do you want to have people look forward to taking your call? Do you want to enjoy life more?

Well here’s one thing you should keep in mind. I found it in Today Matters by John Maxwell.

You’ll Enjoy Life More If You Like People

Of the people you know, which seem to have the most fun in life? Think about them for a moment. Would you describe them as negative, suspicious, surly, and antisocial? Of course not! When have you known someone with those characteristics who loved life and had a lot of fun? The Scrooges of life don’t enjoy much of anything. On the other hand, people who love people generally have a ball. If you like people, then no matter where you go you’ll meet a friend.

Maxwell brings up a good point.

Folks like our friend in Charleston really do enjoy other people. And the result is that she has tons of friends who all like being being around her. We all look forward to seeing her number come up on our caller ID!

Would you like other people to be as exited to hear from you? You can get there, you know.

All it takes is to learn to love other people. And that is the great irony.

We will ultimately get what we want by helping other folks get what they want. If we love others, enjoy being around them, offer to help them with no strings attached, then in the end two things happen.

First they will get to the point where they look forward to hearing from us. And who doesn’t want that?

The second thing that will happen is that we will find our lives have become more fun and we enjoy them more.

You want to enjoy life more? Then one sure fired way to get there is to learn to like other people.


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