A while back Kirsten over at Think Postive! Blog threw out the idea of starting a Master Mind Group. She’s had several takers on the idea.

I’ve talked before about the importance to our success about surrounding ourselves with the right people. In No (Successful) Man is an Island I talked about how important coaches can be to help us rise higher than we ever thought we could. And in Success Principle #7 – Successful People Find Successful Organizations I talked about 12 tools that we should look for in an organization that will help us become more successful.

Well along both of those lines I jumped at the opportunity Kirsten was offering. Just by cruising around the blogs from the roster of folks who are to be a part of the group you can see that this is going to be an incredible group of folks gathered together.

Phil Gerbyshak of Make It Great! – Phil is a motivational speaker, published author (he’s currently working with Liz Strauss in her Bookcraft 2.0 project on another book). Oh, and he’s from Wisconsin! Since I married a girl from the Land of Cheese, that gets him a vote from me right there.

Tony Clark of Success from the Nest – Tony’s all about successfully integrating a work at home career with family life. He is an accomplished cartoonist and draws awesome illustrations to accompany his posts.

Thom Quinn
of The QLog – Tom’s brief is wide ranging dealing with leadership, how we can better relate to one another and generally become more successful. Good stuff.

Troy Worman of Orbit Now! – Troy is into writing, growth, technology, success – all things that get my energy flowing. And to top it all off he lives in one of my favorite cities here in the Southeast, Jacksonville, FL!

And then, in case you thought the group was all guys, there’s Kammie Kobyleski of Passion Meets Purpose – Kammie is a Life and Career Coach. Talk about a professional I need to spend some time around right now!

Room for 1 More

So why am I sharing all this with you? Well the good news is Kirsten says there is room for one more in the group. So if you want to hang out with some stellar folks who are sure to lift you up contact Kirsten Harrell and let her know. Tell her Chris sent you.

And even if you aren’t ready to join a group just yet, do yourself a favor. Add all their blogs to your RSS feed reader. It’s the next best thing to being there. And you’ll be getting insights from all these great folks along the way.



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