Screenshot of the New Delicious
Screenshot of the New Delicious

One of my favorite social media sites, the social bookmarking site, got a major overhaul about a week ago. Not only did the site get a whole new look, but they’ve cast off their strangely unique domain name for a more conventional one.

Delicious Bookmarks

If somehow you aren’t familiar with Delicious then you are missing out.

Back in the day the only way we had to save a link to a web page we wanted to be able to referr to down the road was to “Add to Favorites” in our browser. Trouble is that method quickly became unwieldy.

With the hierarchical organization of most browser favorites folder lists it grew harder and harder to keep bookmarks organized in a way you could find the page you wanted when you wanted it. Browser favorite lists weren’t searchable.

Then along came with their funny domain name. With you can save as many bookmarks as you wanted. They are searchable. And because you can add a few tags to each bookmark to make them even easier to find.

Very nice.

You can choose whether your bookmarks are public or private, or a mix of both. I have a mix with hundreds of private bookmarks and hundreds more that I share with everyone.

And not only that but there was a social component to the site. So in addition to being able to search your own bookmarks, you can search the public bookmarks that other folks have saved on the site. That can give you more targeted results than the major search engines at times.

Overhaul of Delicious

Now Delicious has whole new look. The design is simpler and has a more professional look, at least to my eye.

But what really got my attention is that the site is now at instead of and that’s a major change. Especially for a site that big.

Makes me wonder how much they had to pay for that domain. I bet it wasn’t cheap.

In the long run I think it will be well worth it for them.


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