A big part of the reason the blog exists here at SuccessCREEations, Inc. is to stimulate discussion in the areas of WordPress, Social Media and Business Blogging. We appreciate and encourage your comments here.

In order to encourage meaningful conversation by everyone we’ve got the following comment guidelines in place. Failure to follow these guidelines will likely cause us to take some action. We reserve the right to edit or delete any comment made on our site as we find necessary to facilitate ongoing discussion by all.

Keep in mind this is our house. You have the privilege of determining whether you will be considered a welcomed guest or not.

If you follow these guidelines you will probably do just fine.

Be Nice
Treat others as you’d like them to treat you. You can disagree with anything found here. Just don’t be rude about it or use personal attacks. If you are unsure how a comment may be interpreted by the person it is aimed at then you probably should consider re-wording it before you hit “Post Comment”.
No Profanity
Foul language will either be edited out of your comment or may even cause your comment to be deleted. Our mothers have been known to read our blog and we don’t want to scandalize them.
Please use English
SuccessCREEations, Inc. is an English language blog. In order for everyone to see the value in your comment we ask that you keep to English for most of your commenting here.
Don’t Spam
Spam is the scourge of the internet and will not be tolerated here in its many forms. We ask that your comment adds value to the discussion and is relevant to the post at hand. If you obviously comment here just to get a link back to your site without engaging in conversation you run the risk of your comment being removed or marked as spam.
Names are Preferred
We value you as a person. Therefore it is preferred that you use a name or pseudonym when signing comments rather than business names or SEO type anchor text. We assume you are commenting primarily to engage in discussion and it is harder to talk to Fire Town, Natural Health, Technology, Money Earner, supersmoker, voipBlogger, or Guru (all actual commenters here) than it is a person. While this is not an absolute requirement, perceived abuse may be dealt with accordingly completely at our discretion.
Refrain from Gratuitous Spammy Links
Because your comment will be getting a link in the signature block please refrain from adding another link at the end of your comment. The extra link is unnecessarily redundant, a bit tacky and may get removed. However we do encourage links to relevant content on other sites that add value to the discussion.
Link Responsibly
Please don’t link to nastiness. Remember Mom sometimes reads sometimes and we don’t want to send her to some offensive web page. In fact, we don’t want to go there ourselves. So just leave it out.
You Are Responsible for What You Post On This Site
Lastly, please understand that you are responsible for your comments. SuccessCREEations permits a wide diversity of opinions to be expressed in our comments section. We are not responsible if the comment you post violates any law that we are not aware of. You are. While we do attempt to be accommodating in most cases, we do not guarantee that we will remove or edit comments by request. By leaving a comment on this website, the comment writer relinquishes certain rights. In particular the comment writer grants the website owner permission to use, and even republish, the comment. Please understand that before you click the “Post Comment” button.

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