How to Game Twitter to Add Thousands of Followers Every Day

And Why You Really Don’t Want to Do It.

networkingWith the social media service Twitter beginning to be more widely adopted, less sophisticated marketers are joining the community. Some of these folks are opportunists of dubious ethics who are not looking to use the medium engage the community.

Instead these social media hucksters are simply looking to take advantage of Twitter’s simple format and established user base to push their weak marketing message out to a larger audience.

It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before the slimier and more obnoxious fringe of the internet marketing world saw Twitter as yet another target for their short sighted slash and burn, spammy approach to marketing.

Some of the worst offenders are actually selling “secret” techniques on how to quickly build a massive Twitter follower list. I’ll save you the money & tell you exactly how to do it. For free.

Why Share How to Game Twitter?

This whole gaming Twitter thing has become a hot button topic amongst long-time Twitter users. When new Twitter accounts are opened and get as many followers in a few weeks those of us who have been on Twitter for a couple years have, we tend to notice. Obviously we think about how and why they are doing it. The how is pretty simple. There could be several reasons why.

Jim Turner of One By One Media (Love the new OBOM Logo!) has been leading the charge on exposing the process of gaming Twitter. Last week he hosted one of the best shows I’ve ever listened to on BlogTalkRadio called, The Gaming of Twitter Exposed, where he laid out exactly what I’m sharing here. We’re encouraging folks to Hold Fast against the gaming.

I’ll tell you strait up that I don’t see anything illegal or particularly immoral about gaming Twitter to inflate your follower numbers. I just don’t think it’s smart.

You might ask, “Chris , if you think it’s such a bad idea, why would you guys share how to do it?” Well there are a couple reasons.

Credibility Issue

First and foremost I see a big credibility issue. The hucksters who are promoting this technique are really not adding any value to the Twitter community as a whole nor to the people who blindly follow their lead. Sure that they are amassing gobs of followers. And to the unsophisticated Twitter user, it is impressive.

While numbers can certainly be a significant factor, those who don’t know any better measure success and influence only by the numbers. Regardless of whether the new Twitter user is a solo entrepreneur or a large corporation it can be easy to assume that the number of Twitter followers equals credibility and influence.

The mistake in this line of reasoning comes from ignoring the quality of the followers. Some followers are more interested in hearing your message and engaging you in mutually beneficial business relationships than others. Having gobs of uninterested “followers” who aren’t listening to your message is worse than pointless, because it gives a false sense of accomplishment and progress.

There is nothing wrong with big numbers of followers. In fact I’m all for it. As long as they are the right followers. Having large numbers of enthusiastic followers is obviously a good thing. The trouble is, inflating your followers by gaming Twitter only succeeds in adding legions of disinterested non-listeners. Beyond bragging rights, there is no real value in it.

The mistaken assumption that numbers equals influence creates two issues from my perspective. 1). I have to repeatedly explain to prospective clients why the number of followers does not really indicate the influence of the account. And 2). Prospective clients may assume that I am less knoledgable because I have just over 3,000 followers after being on Twitter for over 2 years and Mr. Huckster got 16,000 followers in just two weeks.

Of course choosing not to do something is very different from not knowing how it’s done. So to save time explaining, I’m writing up a blog post that I can simply point to.

People Getting Ripped Off

The second issue involves people getting ripped off. People are charging anywhere from $6 to $200 for this same basic information.

Now I don’t begrudge people packaging information that is available for free, selling it in a more accessible format and making a profit. Consulting is very much like that at times.

What bothers me is that a lot of what is being offered only adds numbers without really extending the reach or influence of unsophisticated folks doing the buying. And in some cases, the “secret” techniques can even result in the Twitter account being suspended.

How does getting a reputation as a spammer or getting your account suspended help expand your brand or your business?

Do you really want to pay someone for a pass into the slimy end of the pool?

I’m here to help people. That means I work to assist them in expanding their influence on line so their business will earn more money.

People who are looking to make a quick buck from unsuspecting and unsophisticated customers and then disappear can give our profession a bad reputation so it’s in our best interest to expose the huckstery.

I know. I know. You want to know how they do it.

How to Game Twitter

First of all a disclaimer. This method has been tested on a dummy account and it works, to the tune of adding 6,000+ followers in the first week the account was created. However, if this approach is executed poorly it can result in your Twitter account being suspended. Your mileage may vary.

And again, I do not recommend doing this. While big Twitter follower numbers are good for your ego, having the right followers is much more valuable to your business no matter what size the list. I do not do this on my own Twitter account.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s how to game twitter and add thousands of followers every day:

Gaming Twitter

  1. Get a Twitter account. Kind of obvious. But if you don’t have an account with Twitter, you can’t game their system.
  2. Next, sign up for a service like Twollo (Twollow is another possibility. Not sure who copied whom with the idea here.)
  3. Within their system set up “auto-follow” searches on basic keyword phrases like “social media”, “hey”, “twitter”, “marketing”, “dude”, “make money”, etc . Right now the best phrase to autofollow is “followfriday”.
  4. Be sure to set the “maximum number of follows” to 500. This is important precaution to help prevent your account from being suspended.
  5. Set up accounts at places like SocialOomph (or TwitterKarma or FriendOrFollow or Tweeple Twak or SocialToo – If you’re really ambitious use all of ‘em!)
  6. At least once a day go through and “unfollow” anyone who didn’t autofollow you or who hasn’t followed you back within a day or 2.
  7. Many of these services will email you lists of those who have unfollowed you recently. Drop these followers as well to keep your follower/following numbers within “acceptable” twitter ratios

Bonus steps – accelerate gaming results!

  1. Be sure you have autofollow on  for your own Twitter account (setting found in services from step 5 above)
  2. Email lists of fellow gamers (with your Twitter account at the top of the list) so you’re sure to follow each other and show up on these lists.

Average growth rate using this method appears to be approximately 500-600 per day initially after startup day. As your followers grow it can quickly pass 1,000+ new followers per day if you manage it well.

If you are too lazy busy to actually send tweets on Twitter, then be sure to also set auto-tweets so that you show up in public time lines.

Maintain the number you are following within no more than about 500-1500 more than you have followers to minimize the chances of getting your Twitter account suspended. You can also set up an “@/reply summaries” email notification so that you can “interact” with anyone who @s you.

And there you have it. How to Game Twitter and Add Thousands of Followers Every Day. For free.

What are your thoughts? Is gaming Twitter a bad idea?

If you feel strongly on this issue, Tweet about it using the hashtags #gamingtwitter and #HoldFast to let your voice be heard. runs on the Genesis Framework

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  1. Very interesting, Chris. We were just having a discussion on my new blog yesterday about the importance of sustainability in relation to social media connections, and your post today offers some really valuable insights into that.

    “While big Twitter follower numbers are good for your ego, having the right followers is much more valuable to your business no matter what size the list”

    This line in particular really stood out for me, as it spoke the truth about the importance of organic growth on Twitter. I hope that those who are new to Twitter and want to use it for business promotion purposes read this post, take that on board and decide against gaming Twitter. The time & effort involved in gaming can, and really should, be better spent!
    Thanks again, Chris

    • I agree, Amy. Short cuts usually end up being more expensive in the end. There is no viable substitute for building relationships and trust along the way. Nor is there an effective way to automate the process.

  2. Hey Chris, great article. I totally agree that it is a mistake to confuse quantity with quality. It translates to what we do all the time. I had a (fairly obscure) restaurant owner tell me that he gets 150,000 “hits” per day on his website. I asked him how many meals that traffic was selling form and there was great disparity.

    When I first got my account, I started following “cool” people I was interested in… celebrities, ceos and the like. I’ve since removed almost all of them in favor of following people I actually communicate with.

    It’s great to see people analyzing these tools and spurring discussions about the evolution of the social web. It’s especially great that it’s happening in Savannah and not just Cali.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Heya Jesse! Glad to connect with a fellow Savannian. Turns out there are sharp minds all over. (Jim’s near Denver).

      I follow several “cool” people too. I do because I’m curious what they have to say. There are tons more cool people that I’m just not at all interested in though. Following them just in the hopes that they follow me back seems foolish.

    • Unless this guy has a whole chain of resturants then 150,000 hits each day is pretty good even if they don’t make a booking. He could make a forutune selling advertising ect. I don’t get 1000 hits a day, 150,000 would be a dream..

  3. One person’s business is another person’s game: these “games” have been happening @ Twitter since it opened almost three years ago. As you know, Chris, I’ve been an active member for two years. These following, ranking, grading, and “Top 10″ Twitter posts have always grabbed the attention of anyone interested in online marketing campaigns. But those of us who’ve been advocating and implementing successful online marketing strategies for years see these “new & shiny” tools, such as Twitter, for what they are: one of many ways to promote anything online. Be consistent in your strategies, stay ahead of the crowd and focus on what you do best. Peace!

    • I’m with you Barbara. Do you think the recent influx of “Twitter folower inflaters” is detrimental to the community at all?

      • Oh sure but we’re no longer the “village” that @pistachio and @shelisrael want us to believe we can keep. Heck @pistachio has given up and autofollows all who follow her now. I’ve seen this coming for *years* and unless @ev @biz shut it down, it will continue. There’s really no way to end these “scammers” because they will just change with the latest Twitter rules. And really, who defines them and what’s to be done. Little. I predicted when Twitter took out the “date joined” line, this would happen. And then the “follow thousands” peeps came in (want me to name names? they are considered Twitter gurus @ this point). Twitter has been proclaimed the “new e-mail” and thus the “shot-gun” mentality for certain accounts has ensued. It will not end. In fact, it will get worse. UNLESS @ev and @biz do something. Which they won’t. Why? Growth. Numbers. Perhaps so they can sell off @ the end of the year? For advertising dollars? Who knows. Stay true to yourself but know that some folks really are building Twitter accounts as e-mail lists. And is that really so wrong? You tell me!

        • Some great comments here Barbara and I like your take about numbers and the rest. I disagree however about selling off at the end of the year. If they didn’t take the 500 Million from Facebook, they have other plans. It appears now that Facebook also has other plans and i think they intend ot compete with Twitter now. There was a window for Twitter which they may have missed and now that they are retroactively applying a business plan to their model, they are fast making this an also ran application. Be on the look out for Six Apart’s Motion and others. Let the Internet scammers and Internet snake oil salesman have Twitter and turn it into a cancer. Too bad too because I think this had the potential to be something better.

          • Strong from you, Jim. Not sure I agree that it will become a cancer. Just not a village any more but a large city becoming an even larger city with some *bad* neighborhoods to be avoided.

        • Lots of villages grow and still keep the essence of what set them apart. Others completely change their character when the grow, for better or worse.

          My contention is the current trend in gaming Twitter is not only changing the community for the worse, but also counter productive for the majority of the folks employing it.

          Twitter only drives traffic if the people reading the tweets are interested in what they see. Just having tens of thousands of followers often gives people a false sense of accomplishment.

          I’m not sure I’m as gloomy as Jim as far as Twitter’s future goes. I think the simplicity of Twitter may keep it from going the way of MySpace. But then there are still millions of people who see MySpace as a great place to be.

          • Good point, Chris. I see lots of new folks who feel a “guilty” obligation to follow all who follow them. If you are *not* a business or brand on Twitter, I recommend you only follow folks you know, admire some where else online or want to actually read their tweets. Again, as we used to say in the early village days, more important who you follow, not who is following you. Thus, I have 900+ I follow with 2100+ following me. I read tweets when I show up @ Twitter. Some folks say I’m *crazy* to not leverage my account and turn it into a “following all” madness account. I cannot believe I follow the 900 I follow! But I do because it’s a slow burn list for me. And yet, there are new folks who say “how could you possibly be following 900.” LOL: good point! :)

          • I guess I don’t try to keep up with everyone I follow. I treat the whole thing more like a river that flows by. When I want to swim, I jump in, join the conversation.

            Though I only follow folks who look at least a little interesting, I do try to follow most who follow me. But then Social Media is my job. I don’t recommend all my clients do that. It really depends on what their goals are.

            And that’s really what it comes down to, isn’t it? There is no one-size-fits-all solution for any of this. Trouble is many haven’t really made the effort to think their goals through. They see “big numbers = good” without bothering to work out what really translates to more business in their particular case.

          • I jump into the stream too but I like mine to be more a stream and not a gushing river, Chris. I must get 10 to 20 followers a day and it’s been that way for @ least a year. I look @ some but rarely follow back unless they send me an interesting @ reply. If I followed all who followed me, I’d be following 8 to 10K plus by now. Again. I’m not trying to build a following list @ Twitter w/my @BarbaraKB account. I think it’s a lousy way to build a business esp. now: not a good way to find business prospects @ least for me. BTW, the last time I looked at Friend and Follow, I noticed that I follow 60 folks who don’t follow me back. Why? I find their tweets quite interesting and I never expect them to follow me back. Well, Chris, thanks for your generosity here. I *obviously* care about this issue (as I have for the last two years) but I no longer worry about it: I just keep my list and nose clean in Twitter and let the rest work itself out. Peace to your day!

  4. An enlightening post, Chris. The longer I’m online, the easier it is to spot spam and scams.

    The biggest benefit I’ve gained from using Twitter is discovering some educational and professional blogs, like yours, and being able to share my own blogs and thoughts. Some very good friends have been made, and no money has exchanged hands.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that a number of people seem to make money only by selling things that tell ME how to make money. Bit of a red flag. Reminds me of so many of the infomercials on TV these days.

    • Karen, You’re right on target. The biggest benefit of most any of the social media sites is connecting with new people. Not everyone is online to make money. It takes all kinds.

      I get a kick out of the “make-money-online-information-product” sellers too. A few people have made a ton of money selling those products. Newcomers often assume that’s their quickest route to riches, when it probably isn’t. Like the infomercial analogy.

      Thing is, infomercials still sell products. If they didn’t we wouldn’t see them anymore.

  5. “What are your thoughts? Is gaming Twitter a bad idea?” It’s pointless if you ask me. I think of it along the same lines as growing your opt-in subscriber list. A list of 2500 interested subscribers has way more value than 25000 people who will never read your zines. I try to follow those who follow me but if all I see from them is tinyurl this and tinyurl that with no value in the tweet it’s unfollow time.

    • I’m not a big fan of pure link posters either, Shelly. @GuyKawasaki is a classic example: Gobs of links and very little conversation. I stopped following him for a long time. But I decided he really does pass along some interesting stuff so I followed him again.

      I’m more about conversation and communication to build potential relationships on Twitter. Not everyone is like us.

  6. Very insightful Chris – thanks for the headsup on how this is actually done. (Not that we’re actually going to do it…it was always a source of bewilderment for us.) The key is patience; too many people on the ‘net are looking for a quick way to circumvent elbow grease and… “work”, and as you say, relationship building. How’d we get to be like that?

  7. I’ve been with twitter for maybe a month and i now have 200 followers and i’d agree with you i really think it’s really hard to get as many followers as you want. i also agree with you that sometimes you may have thousands of followers but they are invisible and deaf. they just followed you possibly to retund the favor because you followed them, or just like what i do, i follow anyone i see. on that note, regarding your technique don’t you think that this actually contradicts your point. gaming twitter and adding (through a system) followers really does create deaf and unreal followers. it’s the same cycle. i thought when i started reading the post is a tip on how to genuinely invite people to follow you. to entice them and convince them that you’re worth following. especially when you said auto tweet. with that i think we are bordering in becoming a spammer or a machine. nevertheless, with all my disagreements the tip is worth a try. thanks! here’s my twitter: NewsBlog1st.

  8. Great post, thanks.

    I think it’s all about a lot of people being lazy. Lazy people tend to waste their time and energy looking for shortcuts. Nothing wrong with shortcuts. But most shortcuts to online success involve words like “gaming” and “manipulating”.

    Another “problem” with such shortcuts, especially for people paying $200 to access them, is that they will eventually stop working. Twitter, Faceboo, Squidoo, etc. can’t afford to be messed with and will/have found ways to stop the misuse of their services.

    But as long as there’s no shortage of lazy people, greedy people will still be able to sell products on gaming and tricking this and that.

  9. Thanks for the good article Chris. A list of 2500 interested subscribers has way more value than 25000 people who will never read your zines. I try to follow those who follow me but if all I see from them is tinyurl this and tinyurl that with no value in the tweet it’s unfollow time.

  10. Wow, I love that some people are so open about their secrets.
    Some people are freakin’ geniuses and know so much, and I love that:
    1) This is a DoFollow Blog!
    and 2) That people are so willing to help.

    Great job…I love your site.
    Thanks so much!

  11. Another “problem” with such shortcuts, especially for people paying $200 to access them, is that they will eventually stop working. Twitter, Faceboo, Squidoo, etc. can’t afford to be messed with and will/have found ways to stop the misuse of their retund the favor because you followed them, or just like what i do, i follow anyone i see. on that note, regarding your technique don’t you think that this actually contradicts your point. gaming twitter and adding (through a system) followers really does create deaf and unreal followers. it’s the same cycle. i thought when i started reading the post is a tip on how to genuinely invite people to follow you. to entice them and convince them that you’re worth following. especially when you said a

  12. Unlike most of the tweeters, I don’t use my twitter account to promote any business. I just tweet to inform others about any recent postings on my blogs. I mean, is it a bad idea to be on twitter if you don’t have any business to promote?

  13. Wait so I guess gaming twitter isn’t that great.
    As much as I want more traffic to my blog, spam isn’t the answer.

  14. I really enjoyed reading this Chris. Thank you. I am always surprised how little attention some marketeers pay to the ‘purpose’ of their communciations activities. As Norton and Kaplan said . ‘what you measure is what you get’. If the ‘purpose’ is to get big numbers then that is exactly what you will get. The direct analogy is with the Banking system. Forget quality and go for quantity and in the long run the whole thing collapses like a pack of cards. If Twitter is to be used to socially influence key audiences then the match between the ‘senders’ value proposition and the ‘recievers’ needs/benefits/behaviours/attitudes has to be carefully managed. Are your Tweets cutting through the noise or just adding to it would be what I would be asking. As for paying someone to simply ‘up’ my follower numbers that really is gullible!

  15. This is really an informative post, thank you Chris. But why would anyone destroy their twitter experience by massively having a lot of followers? Be it for business or pleasure, twitter is all about interaction. I for one would still settle the old fashion way of following people – which is manually. Having 1,000 quality followers is more rewarding that 10,000 followers who doesn’t even read your tweet.

    • I think ‘ego’ is the plain and simple answer to that question, potentially with a fair bit of naivete thrown in to the mix – to some people, bigger will always be perceived as better- just look at all you american’s and the gas guzzling cars you drive ;-P

  16. Yes Business cards, maybe so, but many people go for quantity of links over quality, for SEO reasons. What they don’t understand yet is it’s no longer the way to go (it was at one time..). Google now rewards quality links, not quantity. The sooner people get this, the better we’ll all be… I mean, the “no follow” came from this bad posting behavior…

  17. This for sure seems like a waste of time. If there were actual benefits of having a lot of random followers, it would make sense. It’s exactly like Myspace used to be where you could autofriend people just to say you had thousands of friends. I encourage more people to do this because it will give good business owners more of a market share while their competitors are wasting their time with Twitter following tactics.

    • This for sure seems like a waste of time. If there were actual benefits of having a lot of random followers, it would make sense. It’s exactly like Myspace used to be where you could autofriend people just to say you had thousands of friends. I encourage more people to do this because it will give good business owners more of a market share while their competitors are wasting their time with Twitter following tactics.

  18. This is a very well-considered and timely article. I have grown a reasonably substantial “following” (I never really liked the use of the word “follower”) in a short time, but it is because I am here to engage real people in real conversations and provide useful information in my tweets. I spend a huge amount of time getting to know these people and I enjoy the relationships very much. I am sure that there are a lot of people following me whom I may not like so much if I got to know them better, but I have friends like that on my own block. Tweeting WITH people is far more valuable than tweeting AT people.

  19. To be honest, Chris. Although I’m already a Twitter’s member since years ago, but I a very lousy player in this Twitter game. However, after reading your article, I might want to carry out the experiment…

  20. i like to delve into the bio of ppl i follow and that follows me. thats what is cool about twitter. but i hand pick string beans let alone my twitter connections.
    i invite diverse followers to follow baci the dental dog. but if u have 1000 followers and only 10 updates i prob wont follow u back.

  21. That is very interesting ideas, Chris. Thank you for sharing them. I am going to try some of them and see if I get success or not.

  22. Nice post. I’ve actually heard of this technique before, and heard it works really well. However, I don’t think it’s worth sacrificing the trust and relationships with your followers. In life there is no shortcuts, you have to work hard to get what you want. If you’re looking to use twitter to build some web traffic then doing it the right way will pay off in the end.

  23. I’ve heard of this before and truthfully, I had no problem gaining followers on twitter. I’ve also gotten some clients from it as well as traffic to my blog.
    I love it!

  24. Everybody can to get thousands and thousands followers, but… Better 100 hudred targeted intractive followers than 10 000 who never doesn’t reading your posts.

  25. I appreciate you sharing this. I truly don’t understand why more people don’t share their tips and tricks. I try to share my knowledge with anyone who asks. I’m in this game for the long haul and not interested in just anyone who follows. I want true followers. I’m definitely going to try the methods you explained! Thanks!

  26. Thanks for this post. I have seen so many of these approaches since opening my twitter account. I have been hesitant about applying many of them because they do not seem to focus upon attracting my target market, entrepreneurs, especially baby boomer entrepreneurs.

    Thanks for this very clear explanation of the dangers of these efforts.

    Shallie Bey
    Smarter Small Business Blog

  27. Thanks so much for sharing this information. Sometimes its hard to figure out the system, but this explains it very well. I found out accidently that there is a ratio in place, as I wasn’t able to follow anyone else. So, at the very least, I need to clean up.

  28. Indeed twitter will learn from these development and will try to plug in the holes. In the meanwhile, its Christmas time for these marketers.

  29. Thank you so much for this article. I’m trying very hard to draw traffic to my site (, and I find all of these social networking places confusing and time consuming. There are so many of them, it seems I could spend all day on them and achieve nothing in the way of increased traffic to my site. It really helps to find information about how to spend your time more effectively when social networking.

  30. I am very much sure that with the passage of time, twitter will learn all the loopholes it have and will surely overcome it. I love twitter.

  31. Thanks, Chris. This is very helpful. As social media in general and Twitter in particular are in their infancy, posts revolving around the issues you raise are very helpful. We want social media to be healthy in order for it to be of long-term benefit to society. Many just jump in to see the immediate benefit to their own concerns. Its tempting to game twitter for immediate benefit. I’ve done a little of that, but for this medium to survive and thrive it must be more about real connection than short-term gain.

  32. Sweet thanks

  33. Hi Chris:
    We met at SOBCon 2 years ago, but I was attracted to your post today from an email newsletter article by Joan Stewart. I’m so glad you wrote this post because it confirmed so many things I’ve been thinking about. Why is it that quantity gets valued over quality? I guess it’s the loudspeaker mentality instead of the building community mentality. During a mixer at the last SOBCon someone told me how they were trying to buy a new computer, sent out a twitter question from their phone about the 2 choices infront of them on the shelf in the Apple store and were immediately flooded with intelligent suggestions from their on line brain trust. Powerful. Helpful.

    Somehow I just don’t think that the autofollow/autolinking program is going to help. Thanks for shining some light on a subject that I’m sure many of the bulk add tweeters would rather see stay in the shadows so they can charge for it.
    Chris Brown

  34. If one can choose targeted keywords after which you autofollow people, why should you lose power and influence in your twitter list? I don’t get this…

  35. I agree that the people who follow you is important but it is good in unexpected ways if you have a large number of followers

  36. I’m not sure that Twitter is that great of an idea to begin with. Isn’t it just a mini-blog. Let’s spend more time on our blogs and less time twit-ing. Just a thought.

  37. I was a bit humored at the term “long-time Twitter users”. Just looked it up and it was only two years ago Twitter was well received in SWSX.

    That aside, it is an eventuality that any popular portal will be besieged with commercial purposes, with the ethicacy running the gamut from fair to unscruplous. Happened with email, search engines, Craigslist, YouTube, MySpace, etc. Just part of the process and nothing will ever be immune.

  38. Thanks for a very interesting article! I for one wont be flooding my twitter with useless numbers of followers. I recently read an article somewhere which mentioned the pros and cons of having a large number of contacts on Facebook. The basic conclusion sticks to the old adage of quality over quantity, id much rather have 100 followers that follow me regularly than having 1000 followers who rarely follow my tweets.

  39. Thank you for this information! I recently joined twitter after clients kept asking me for my account and have been slowly noodling around to figure out what this was all about. Must admit, I was agog at find peopel with thousands of followers.

    The twitter account seemed easy enough to do and manage but I noticed others do way more with it than I can find as options at teh twitter site. THe most baffling of all was how pressing a button to follow someone automatically ended up with them following me!!! Initially, i thought WOW.. they like me – LOL…now I realize they probably haven’t even visite my website!!! It’s like getting a bunch of shallow friends that only want to know you because of who you know.

    The one thought that had crossed my mind at one point was – that perhaps doing this reciprical following was just a polite thing to do and I was looking all over Twitter to find out if there was a default setting. I will look no more.

    Thank you for clearing up this mystery.


  40. thank you so much for this. you just saved me money…i was just lokking at something last night about this. thank you thank you

  41. A very good point.
    Thank you very much. Thanks for the write

    I’m waiting for more articles

  42. I noticed that, too. Some twitter users who have just registered, like only a month or so, have so many followers. Perhaps this is the reason. I guess they have their reasons to do it, but as at this moment, I don’t see why I should do the same.

  43. Nice article, I really like the line “numbers does not equal influence”. Who cares if you have 5000 followers but share nothing but the latest links to your own lousy blog.
    It’s also nice to know what others are up to – thanks again for sharing and I also wouldn’t bother doing this. I like to know my followers actually want to hear what I have to say.

  44. Twitter seems to be too easy. I feel a catch somewhere….. ?

  45. First of all, thanks for sharing what others may call ‘premium’ infomation on the internet. There aren’t so many folks who would gladly blog for free about something that ‘could’ be sold as a shitty ebook. I dont use twitter myself, but I can see that indeed these types of followers would be pointless in terms of marketing efforts really. As everyone doing this is in it for the same reasons…. numbers…

  46. Thanks for “telling the rest of the story.” Knowing is power and it confirms what I had already been thinking about people who promise to get you huge numbers.

    When I come to Twitter my time is limited so I want to engage people who carry on thoughtful conversations. When people choose to follow me I am open to them, and I go and check out the kind of posts they have been sending.

    I haven’t blogged for numbers of clicks or joined Twitter for numbers either. I have joined because it is an amazing way to interact with people of all cultures across the globe and to learn from them.

  47. I don’t have a twitter account yet. Although I’ve been thinking about it. At least now I know what I should do, I should say I know what I don’t want to do. I want my followers to have a genuine relationship. Thanks for the info.

  48. Great info here, don’t know much about Twitter, might try it.

  49. It seems that when these type of programs come online they eventually get diluted by people who are only in it for self gratification. I guess that is the joy and the downside of the Internet.

    Anyone can have a go.


  50. I have been looking at Twitter for a while, but never had the chance to have a go, plus I didnt exact know how to leverage twitter, but your article is excellent! Thanks alot Chris!

  51. I don’t know much about Twitter, so now i learned how to trick it without have used it for a single second :-) But I still don’t get why someone should want to have thousands of fake followers!

  52. Going the cheap route bites you in the end every time :(

  53. Great article. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with “gaming” Twitter; however, don’t you think that de-legitimizes it for what it was originally intended…to build meaningful connections and network? It seems like Twitter has quickly developed into more of a popularity contest. I just wonder how long it will last before people get bored and move onto the next big thing…

  54. I started using twitter and noticed a grwat amound of people just following u you for the folow back. That the gaming.

    I’m a webdesigner and for normal business i think twitter is great for sharing new technology found.

    Thank for the article

  55. I’ve been using it a lot more recently as well.

  56. Great post!

    I personally don’t want “thousands of followers,” but I’m very positive many people do. For me, I’d go quality as opposed to quantity.

  57. I dunno…I just haven’t really figured out the whole twitter thing yet, and don’t see the point in gaming it. How much longer do you think twitter is going to last before people move to the next social platform?

  58. Nice post…..Gives you a insight about the marketing and how to sell products to our customers….I believe this is the trust that we need to build up with our readers and our customers…when it to marketing and sales , there has to be trust and mutual responsibility ……

  59. Personally i think wier is a nice tool and more famous still you have a good question there, i have just joined twitter and finding it to be a great place. It gonna get high in competition.

  60. I was actually thinking of setting up a twitter account just for my dofollow search engine and my newsletter folks about backlink buidling. This might be a good way to build a base and credibility. I would have a strong marketing message too.

  61. In my opinion, a good marketer should never have to “game” any social website. There is an art behind social media that allows people to do really good just by interacting and having an attractive web presence.

    This is a really good article, and it made me realize why my follower count has gone up and down so much.

  62. Hmm.. interesting method I wonder how likely you are to get banned if you do this for a long time, although I guess you could build up a few different accounts this way to try to stay under the radar.

  63. I think these are nice idea.. i’ll try this method.. ;)

  64. I personally don’t want “thousands of followers,” but I’m very positive many people do. For me, I’d go quality as opposed to quantity.

  65. Everyone into internet marketing nowadays. Especialy in our shaky economy. Recently I came across social media website creations with Socializer software by Steven Lee Jones. I love your article Peter, sounds totally great fit for that software.

    I can’t agree more with your sound advice in regards finding right markets.

  66. I think I’m put off it because I started following a couple of Internet Marketers, and because of that I’ve just got hundreds of people following me. Why? I don’t know. They don’t know who I am, and I don’t ever say anything interesting on Twitter. So I guess that they’re hoping that I follow them back. Then all that will happen is that everyone into IM is following each other!

  67. I do web design and I don’t see the point of having thousands of visitors following you just to do the same right back. If someone wants to twitter with you it’s because you’re providing some type of unique content, not because of the amount of visitors you have.

  68. I don’t think there’s an ‘optimal’ or best way to use Twitter, nor am I interested in regulating another person’s lifestream. Even if you’re purely using Twitter as a broadcast tool to increase your online influence, how or what you tweet is not really the thing you should be focusing on.

  69. I have a Twitter account but only used it like 2 or 3 times. I find it lacking information that I actually need to know and need to communicate. I could be wrong. But it didn’t really help me from any marketing aspect.

  70. Don’t you Think that this kind of articles only help people to abuse twitter and increase it’s response time more than what it is already?

  71. It is kinda crazy how all the big social media platforms are swarmed by online businesses. I guess it’s unavoidable. :/

  72. Since the Internet allows people to contact others at the speed of thought, it’s no wonder that it would catch the attention of marketers (and hucksters). I think the only people that will complain, are those who don’t have something to sell.

    My greatest fear is that there are now more marketers than actual buyers.

  73. There is always some toad in “the slimy end of the pool” ready to take money from silly greedy people. I rely upon free tools to have fun with twitter. I’m not pond scum out to scam or spam anyone.

  74. I am definitly going to try this! But I am sure they are going to fix it soon if it is being exploited by many people … but by that time I am going to give it a shot! :-)

  75. Good article on Twitter. Twitter is a great tool if you know how to use it, but it can also be a real pain in the ass to deal with!

  76. I don’t think I’ll be employing this technique. First of all, as you said, I doubt it would be very effective because it doesn’t have a target audience. Second, it’s immoral!

  77. I like twitter, but i don’t think that technique is very effective! Follow me through my website at

  78. Twitter is great. I’m slowly becoming addicted.

  79. exellent post!

  80. I agree. To much spam is being used on Twitter and all social communities. The end result will be counter productive, as the spam may ultimately destroy the social communities.

  81. Great points all around. Like other social media platforms, twitter has “built-in” anti-spam features. If you pound your markety speak, you will be unfollowed. In fact, twitter has also taken it up themselves to “blacklist” hardcore spammers.

  82. nice post,…
    i like your blog :D

  83. it’s definitely a good method to increase the number of followers, in fact this has been used by may people in manual form where they would go on following a lot of people and then unfollow them after a week or so – just giving them enough time to do a reciprocative follow. Its a more advanced form with the usage of auto follow tools..

    However, I think the biggest issue is that, how useful is this ? I personally feel Twitter is not about who follows you but more about whom you follow ( because they are the source of infiormation).

    A person might use such auto follow technique to increase followers but what would he do with them ? Spam them ( most likely )? Result: Most sensible Twitter users who might be following them would unfollow.

    I really don’t see a long term gain in this except for a ego boost but am sure people who are hunting for followers would love this.


    p.s. got tempted to use the keyword for my blog in Name- its hard to find dofollow blogs with quality posts & comments ;)

  84. Maybe I’m just a little lazy, but I still remember the calm and peaceful Web 1.0 times…I know Twitter is a great marketing channel, but that’s the problem – I had to cancel my Facebook account because, every single day, I received a ton of marketing messages…

    Frankly, I’m really afraid of the forthcoming web 3.0 times :)


  85. Something has to give with all this web 2.0. Its so confusion between whats really social media and what’s internet marketing. There must be better things on the horizon?

  86. This is a good tips.
    But, I prefer having followers who really want to exchange information.
    I’m waiting for other good tips from this blog.

  87. I have read a lot about gaming twitter lately but this is probably the most complete guide that I’ve seen to date. Definitely subscribing to the feed! As for the idea of gaming twitter, it is good depending upon what you are gaming it for and how you go about it. I’m still doing research before I go about it.

  88. Gaming Twitter to impress someone isn’t the way to go. If you actually convert some of those people, it may be worth it.

  89. I’ll check this out because at the moment I’m failing on Twitter. Following over 600 people and have about 350 followers :(

  90. I understand using Twitter as a way to tell people about a particular even while it’s happening, but I’ve never really understood the other uses. It just seems like one more thing to have to keep up with.

  91. nice tips,, but I am not sure that technique is so effective as we hope,,

  92. I think the issue about gaming on Twitter is not the method that you use to gather followers, but what you do with the followers that you find. If you are respectful of Twitter’s culture and tweet information that is beneficial to your followers, they’ll continue to follow and be glad they did. On the other hand, if you regularly spam your followers they’ll just drop you from their list and then there’s not point to doing it anyway.

  93. I agree with you entirely. The more is not the same as merrier in this particular exercise. However, everybody’s giving this a go and is afraid of being left out in the cold.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  94. I agree, It is not worth it.. I am noticing many are doing it as well and I am also noticing alot of people losing there accounts.. It makes sense that Twitter will work it out eventually how to stop this. Even then I am sure people will continue to game.. :)

    There is nothing wrong with doing good related following bursts manually, its using the programs or robots to do it that will be detected eventually.. However maybe Twitter does not mind..?

  95. why does everyone have to try to beat the system?

  96. Nice post. I agree with having the right followers rather than lots of followers. I love quotes, and follow only quote sharers. I’m happy when people share quotes on my network. I don’t follow those who rarely update their tweets and whose language not English. They make bad network, not healthy.

  97. So Twitter is awesome for Taking traffic to you website . It is very
    simple to setup and its a fun positive way to keep in contact with
    people. To get more followers on twitter check out this amazing
    tool.Twitter Traffic Machine

  98. funny and it really works…1800 now

  99. i agree with Adi
    This is a good tips.
    But, I prefer having followers who really want to exchange information.
    I’m waiting for other good tips from this blog.

  100. Thanks for the tips, I actually had no idea about the auto following option. I am tired of hearing ads about getting lots of followers, and your post did provide probably the same info.

  101. Thanks for the tips on what *not* to do. I’m so tired of people following me just for the numbers. That is not “social.” I’m looking to make connections and therefore numbers don’t really matter.

  102. Gaming Twitter just can’t be a good idea. I follow people in my industry who are on the cutting edge which helps push my business forward.

  103. Hmm, I used this method for a company I worked for a little while ago, but it seemed so artificial. I can see how it can benefit corporate accounts, but it takes the point out of twitter and portrays it as a 1-way business tool.

  104. I absolutely agree that having quality followers is more important than your quantity. That being said, I think extending your reach to “quality” followers via interesting posts and networking is key…that’s an article I’d like to read! Check us out on Twitter at /trybpo if you like…

  105. Hi, Chris! Thanks for this post. I’m new to Twitter and have been wondering about this issue. I’d like to have a bunch of followers – but only if I have something of value to offer them – AND – if the followers are really interested.

  106. Its just waste of time to add thousands of followers who can’t add value to business. Always it will be a better id adds quality of followers like Chris.

  107. Thanks for the excellent tips. Very useful for a Twitter newbie like me :)

  108. There is no use to send tweets to people who have no interest in your field and going the automated route will expose you to hundreds of porno messages each day

  109. It makes my life alot easier. I was amazed at the quality of twitter. It’s all good. Really good.

  110. I may not be up to speed with twitter, but what would be the point of having thousands of followers? What benefits accrue from them following you? I think maybe it’s time I opened a twitter account and found out for myself. Thanks for the article anyway.

  111. Now this is so true. I have taken these steps and went from 16-1190 followers in a week and I didnt spend that much time on it either. Twitters is a lot of fun I discovered but now I just need to supply my followers with something good and not a list of affiliate link spam.

  112. Hey Chris,

    I’ve seen many people banned cause of this. So I don’t recommend doing it. Just add 10-20 ppl a day so as not to look as a spammer.

  113. I honestly kind of like the idea that it can auto follow people of the same interests. Who has the time to daily seek out new people interested in the same topics. I can see it as gaming if you intentionally un-follow people quickly after they follow you, and then only tweet advertisements. I like to follow a wide range of people, and enjoy the fun of signing on and seeing something completely random in terms of things that people share.

    Auto-Direct Messages and Auto-Follows through Tweetlater do work quite well, so long as your DM isn’t a sales pitch – maybe just a thanks for following, learn more about me at this site.

  114. I have this permanent aversion to Twitter because the first time I heard about it was Rick Sanchez talking about it on CNN….what a tool. I probably need to get over it though and get on their, thanks

  115. Thanks a lot for your valuable information.. Although like you said, you don’t recommend this but you have brought the insight about what really is a game twitter. And you are right, having the rights followers is much more beneficial than having thousands of followers that perhaps don’t even read your tweets…

  116. If I understand this correctly, the system relies on other people following me when I follow them. As I’m using an automated system to follow them, anybody and everybody could end up following me.

    Where the system becomes nonsense is when my automated system follows you, and your automated system follows me, and neither of us ever actually looks at our Twitter page. In the end, Twitter ends up being a system where machines follow each other and nobody makes any money – except perhaps for the the guys selling the ‘secret’ to working Twitter.

  117. A t last I found something which looks like Twitter followers strategy. But I cannot find the auto-follow feature. Where it can be (I already have the registered Twitter account)

  118. Any non-celebrity with thousands of followers is doing exactly what you described above. I know someone personally that got a few thousand followers in a week. When is this going to end and what can Twitter do to stop this kind of nonsense? People wonder why Twitter is constantly experiencing outages – this is why!

  119. You can use all of the techniques above, and even take it a step farther, by using follower services like twitproquo, ifollowback, and the twitter online system. I have actually used the three services, and they do work. I have detailed reviews of them at my site.

    Thanks for the great information.

  120. I know people who use Twitter only to get more followers, they don’t try and actually harness the real power of Twitter.

  121. I only follow a select few people on Twitter and actually communicate with them. That is how you should really use it, not just drop links all the time.

  122. I read an article that discussed the quality of followers on Twitter based on monetization. While you can game Twitter to get a bunch of followers, the per-follower value decreases significantly…so much so that you’re better off with a smaller, more collected group. Interesting insight here…

  123. Hey!
    just found your blog for the first time today!
    This sounds like some amazing progress to get so many twitter followers.
    I know there are many people who do this just to spam their followers, ive tried it but not as good as you, i just ranodmly added 2000 people and about half followed me back. its more of a misstion to do it manually though.

    I made a tutorial on how to create a website, I’d love some critique on it, maybe you can stop by?

  124. Its very tempting to try this. I want followers but I think you’re right, its just not worth the effort if the followers are just spammer them selves.

  125. my usual method is to find a popular person and follow the followers of that person but the result is uninterested followers… I’ll try this out tommorow since I’m off to bed.. thank you for a great post!

  126. Man, this is just what i’ve been searching for. I’am trying to start a new website and i was looking for a way to use maximize the potential of Twitter. And thanks to you i just found out how.

  127. do u think that this techniques works?

  128. Twitter is supposed to be about communication, not a measurement of follower count. Before e few year when the number of Twitter users were thousands in number, and a user only have facility to tweet something out and maybe only a few people have facility see it. Was Twitter any less “fun” than because of that? No. But now, everyone think that if you have some people following you on Twitter, what’s the point of saying anything? Numerous people have given that as an excuse as to why they don’t tweet very often.

  129. Thanks for all the information on this subject. It is tempting to try to get as many people as followers on Twitter as you can, but this information eye-opening as to why we shouldnt!

  130. These are very great tips and I will appy them to increase my twitter followers. This is a great way of getting huge sales lead to site. Thank You!

  131. My followers are less because I’m a new player on twitter, I find that when twitter come to us , many related tools come to us too, twitter is an amazing thing, and the huge twitter related websites or businesses or tools..will surely grow up quickly….

  132. I really like reading this article. Twitter is a great tool if you know how to use it

  133. Thanks for the insight. I do use twitter, facebook, linked-in and some others and still need to figure out how is best for all the social media type sites.

  134. Yeah, don’t think you would want to game Twitter! Having followers not interested in what you say doesn’t really matter anyway, does it?!

  135. Game Twittering, huh? I’ll have to give this a shot. I’ve had pretty good success with Twitter & other social network sites, but I’ve never tried GAME Twittering. Thanks for sharing!

  136. Tipsycoil says:

    Glad to finally see some useful methods for increasing followers. In an idela world this shoudl happen organically but then having the initial boost that these services can offer, used wisely can be a good thing.

  137. I get about four followers on average a day. That’s cool with me. This way I know they are really interested in what I have to offer, of course I follow back. But, tell me this, since gaming Twitter is something you don’t condone, why tell people how to do it?

    Thanks and God bless.

  138. Chris, I tried your method and a result my account got suspended, I worked on it for 2 years and now it’s gone, is there a way of getting it back? I followed all your instructions and it didn’t work as it should be.

    • Heya James! I’m sorry to hear about your Twitter account getting banned. That’s why I explicitly say in the article above,

      “However, if this approach is executed poorly it can result in your Twitter account being suspended. Your mileage may vary.

      And again, I do not recommend doing this. While big Twitter follower numbers are good for your ego, having the right followers is much more valuable to your business no matter what size the list. I do not do this on my own Twitter account.

      Not sure how you missed that part. The whole point of this article is that trying to game Twitter is a bad idea and folks shouldn’t do it.

  139. Kelly Johnson says:

    I use ExchangeFollows, to get tons of followers. You just gotta exchange follows. It really works. Try it!


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