Facebook vs. Twitter Demographic Infographic

Today I wanted to share with you an informative infographic put together by DigitalSurgeons.com comparing demographic data between Facebook and Twitter. I found some surprises here. For example, even though Facebook is just about 5 times the size of Twitter, the first surprise for me is how similar their demographics really are. There are differences,… Read More »

Are You Making This Huge Social Media Mistake?

There is no denying that social media is a huge phenomenon. At least 16 of the top 20 biggest websites in the world (according to Alexa) have some kind of a social media component. And of course Facebook, the granddaddy of all social media sites, claims over a half a billion users! Numbers like that… Read More »

Zombies Are Invading Sears

Sears has launched an apparent stealth marketing campaign with Zombies taking over portions of their website.

Twitter for Business: 15 Masters Show You How

15 Twitter experts share their secrets about how they harness the growing power of Twitter to explode your business. You’re going to want to be a part of this…

How to Game Twitter to Add Thousands of Followers Every Day

And Why You Really Don’t Want to Do It. With the social media service Twitter beginning to be more widely adopted, less sophisticated marketers are joining the community. Some of these folks are opportunists of dubious ethics who are not looking to use the medium engage the community. Instead these social media hucksters are simply… Read More »

Social Media Autoresponders – Good Marketing or Missing the Point?

People generally prefer to interact with other people rather than machines. And most folks are especially not keen on interacting with machines masquerading as people. Ever get frustrated by an automated phone tree when trying to contact a business and feel like screaming, “I just want to talk to a person!“? Robocalls were big in… Read More »

But is Twitter Useful?

One of the people that Gorgeous and I connected with in Chicago this past weekend was Christine Kane. It probably didn’t hurt that the three of us were all seated in close proximity to a very wild and obnoxious three year old on the same flight into Chicago. That got diverted to Columbus for more… Read More »

Going for a Soak

Gorgeous and I are taking a much needed break this weekend. Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary! So we decided to make it special. We’re heading to Colorado to spend some time in the mountains. That will be a big change for us living here in Savannah. They call the area around here the Low Country… Read More »

Top 9 Reasons I’m Not Following You on Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for just over a year now. My first Twitter day started on March 9th 2007. I quickly found that Twitter is addictive but I have stuck with it just the same. Over the past year I’ve tweeted a little over 4100 times and accumulated 500+ followers. These aren’t overly impressive numbers… Read More »

Networking to Promote Your Blog

One of the facets of blogging that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is the networking aspect. Networking is a huge part of promoting your blog. Successful bloggers read other blogs they are interested in, especially those in their same niche, and actively comment adding value to those blogs. Many are also active… Read More »