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CREEating Value – About once a week I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. Here are this weeks juicy finds.


hyku | blog (feed) – Josh Hallett is a blog and social media consultant out of Orlando. And I say “out of” because he seems to spend a great deal of his time on the road. I had the pleasure of meeting Josh at the Un-conference event here in Savannah last week. It was a real treat to spend some time with one of the experts in the business blog consulting field. Josh’s blog is a combination diary of his travels, glimpses inside some of the bigger going’s on in the blogging world, and nuggets of insight from around the blogosphere.

Make It Great! (feed) – Phil Gerbyshak is one of those guys you can’t help but enjoy reading. He’s a published author, speaker, accomplished blogger, and help desk expert extraodinaire. Phil is one of the most networked guys I know and he is constantly sharing little anecdotes from his interactions with all sorts of folks. And if you think his blog is upbeat, you should talk to him on the phone!

The Official Google Blog (feed) – If you are at all interested in tech stuff and would like to keep up with some of the goings-on of one of the giants of the online world then check out the Official Google Blog. It also is a Technorati top 50 blog. They don’t have comments but they do allow you to submit a link to their posts. A relevant and insightful article with an attention grabbing headline linked to a post there can get you a spike in traffic too.


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