Missionary in Japan Shares Post Tsunami Message

Note: This post is a reprint of this article I originally posted on the main EmmanuelPress blog over the weekend: Post Tsunami Message from Missionary in Japan I think you’ll find it worth the reprint. If you have seen any of the video coming out of Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami… Read More »

Guy Fun With a Micro Cannon

OK. Time for some guy fun. It’s like I keep trying to explain to my wife. From a guy’s perspective, things that go Whoosh! or Booom! are cool. Period. Past Job It’s probably time for a little confession, for those of you who don’t know. The reason I have this airplane photo set as my… Read More »

Google and Neutrality Irony

In a rather ironic twist, Google now finds itself on the receiving end of a “neutrality” flap. It’s ironic because Google has long lobbied for something called “net neutrality.” If you look at Google’s Public Policy blog you’ll see they’ve published 22 posts on the topic to date. Background When you strip away all the… Read More »

How to Revive a Stagnant Blog

Sooner or later it happens to most every blogger. One day you turn around and find that your blog has been neglected for far too long. Unless you are remarkably disciplined, have an incredibly structured life that never has surprises, or have partnered with a co-author or two life is bound to get in the… Read More »

Sarah Palin in Savannah

I don’t usually get into politics around here. While I like reading about political stuff on my own time I have found over the years that some people take political stuff a little too personally. Besides, people come here for info on social media, not politics. So I generally keep it off the blog here.… Read More »

Bed Head Gallery is Live

A few months back I ran a series of posts I called the 40 Days of Bed Head. The idea was fairly straight forward. Each morning shortly after I woke up I took used the web cam on my laptop to take a photo of myself. And my bed head. Yes my hair sticks up… Read More »

Sunday Morning Goodness – July 6 2008

This week I’m bringing back our Sunday Morning Goodness feature that’s been on hiatus for nearly a year. You see there is so much good stuff being published out there. And some of the things I find in my feed reader are simply worth sharing. So grab yourself a cup of coffee, click through the… Read More »

2008 Age of Conversation Author List Finalized

Drew McLellan and Gavin Heaton have finalized the list of contributing authors for the 2008 edition of the Age of Conversation. Natural attrition pared down the original list of 275 to 237 finalists. And the list reads like a who’s who of the blogging, social media and online marketing realm. This means the book is… Read More »

Value in Getting Away

Note: This post is part of a group writing project for HighCallingBlogs.com for this month sponsored by Laity Lodge and which we’re hosting here at SuccessCREEations, Inc. The topic is Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! While the main drawing has already happened you can still participate in the writing project until the end of the month and… Read More »

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all? Have you ever had to chose whether to take some time away or keep pressing on? Which way did you decide to go? What happened as a result? HighCallingBlogs Group Writing Project This month we’re hosting the HighCallingBlogs Group Writing project here at… Read More »