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CREEating Value – About once a week I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. We are a little late this week, but regardless, here are this week’s juicy finds.


Successful-Blog (feed) – I’ve hesitated to list Liz Strauss and Successful-Blog here as creating value because it might appear to be a little self promoting. You see I contribute over there from time to time (usually on Wednesdays opposite CREEating Value over here – I just envisioned a “Go see my post over there” kind of thing). But that’s not fair to those of you who might not know about her blog. Besides this week’s all out of whack here anyway so there’s no problem.

Successful-Blog was one of the very first feeds in my reader. Liz’s writing is thought provoking and conversation stirring. She is the master of community. Her self-stated goal is to build a place where folks can hang out in much the same way that her bar-owner father created in his time. If you don’t subscribe to Successful-Blog you will want to right away. And I bet you find you click through to comment more there than most anywhere else.

And I happen to know that Liz is cooking up something very special that you are going to want to be in on. But you’re going to have to wait until Sunday to find out what…

Christine Kane Blog (feed) – I put Christine Kane’s feed into a folder I labeled “Fun Stuff” because she’s a musician with a few CD’s out so I figured her blog would be light, music related stuff, right? Boy did I miss the mark there! Christine writes such thought provoking stuff on her blog that I’ve gotten used to gearing up and engaging my brain before I take a gander at her posts. Sometimes her stuff is more women oriented and as I guy I just skim over that. But the rest of it… Good stuff. Just plan on thinking. That’s all I can say.

The Dilbert Comic Strip (feed) – As long as we’re in my “Fun Stuff” folder, did you know you can subscribe to many cartoons by feed? Dilbert is one of my current favorites. And I can check it out every day via feed. That way when life gets a little stressful, like say this week for example, I can take a few seconds, click on the feed and shed a little levity on the situation. Perfect.


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