My friend Rick Cockrum was kind enough to let me know about a problem Internet Explorer is having applying the style sheets to SuccessCREEations here. It seems that sometimes IE chooses to forget to apply any formatting to pages here until after the refresh button is clicked. And sometimes pages are shown correctly the first time.

I haven’t been able to see any rhyme or reason to how IE is behaving or to detect a pattern. Go figure.

There is a work around but it is cumbersome and it will eliminate one of the nice features of this theme, which is its flexibility and ease to make changes. I’ve been in contact with the author of the theme to see if we can come up with a less labor intensive solution.

In the mean time Iet me suggest that this might be a good opportunity for all of you IE users out there to make the switch to Firefox for your browsing pleasure. I use FF and didn’t even realize there was a problem until Rick brought it to my attention.

I am a big fan of Firefox because of it is so customizable. It is an open source program which means that folks program all sorts of extensions and plugins which you can install with a click of the mouse to tailor your browser to fit your needs. The tabbed browsing feature of FF is something that I didn’t see value in until I started using it. Now I am lost without it!

Anyway I’ll go through the work required to make the IE tyrant happy again soon. Please bear with me until that is done.

And thanks Rick for the heads up.


SuccessCREEations is now Kingdom House Productions