The results are in.

We started last week by asking the question Quantity vs Quality – Which is Better?

We had a lively discussion about it.

Several of you really wanted me to add a “Both” choice on the poll. But that would have been too easy.

Of course everyone wants both. Heck, we all want to be thin, rich and popular too.

As that great philosopher Don Henley said, “If dirt were dollars we’d all be in the black.”

Sometimes when you can’t have it both ways you just have to make a choice.


As of this morning it was unanimous. All twelve of the votes were cast in favor of Quality.

I thought quality would take it, but I didn’t expect quite the landslide.

So here’s my thought for the day:

Since quality is so important to bloggers, make sure your writing is the best you can produce in the time you have available.

That way your blogging will support your business in the best way possible.


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