How to Revive a Stagnant Blog

Sooner or later it happens to most every blogger. One day you turn around and find that your blog has been neglected for far too long. Unless you are remarkably disciplined, have an incredibly structured life that never has surprises, or have partnered with a co-author or two life is bound to get in the… Read More »

Should You Be Worried When Your Competition Starts Blogging?

So you just noticed that one of your competitors has started a blog. Should you be worried? The answer to that question really depends. If the only web presence your business has right now is a traditional static web site, then yes you probably have some cause for concern. Implemented well, their blog may very… Read More »

Finding Something to Write About

We all get there from time to time. If our business site has a blog, we know we should post something every so often. Can’t have it getting stagnant. Gotta keep the content fresh. But what to write? Maybe there’s nothing happening in our business that we can share at the moment. Perhaps your creative… Read More »

Still Breathing

I was poking around the place last night, cleaning up spam and such, and I realized that it’s been over a month since I posted here. No wonder folks are starting to contact me with questions like “How are you doing?” “Haven’t heard from you in a while.” “Just checking in to see if everything… Read More »

Some Rules Were Meant to be Broken

It is easy to get distracted, loose focus, and squander precious resources as a result. Too much time doing just the things we like, or that we know we do well (or that are easy) can keep us from other more critical tasks and ultimately mean the difference between the success or failure of our… Read More »

Old Media Powerhouse Learns New Media Lesson

There has long been friction between the traditional old media providers which include print and television, and new media information sources which are overwhelmingly Internet based. If you look deep enough you can find some basic philosophical differences between the ways old media and new media approach information flow. Old media has traditionally provided information… Read More »

Tagged with Joe’s Promise

I’ve been keeping a very low profile on the bloggosphere of late. I’ve my reasons. I’m keeping my eye on my priorities. All is well. This morning Liz Strauss tagged me with Joe’s Promise. You see, Joe had been keeping a low profile too. He explained what happened in his post about a week back… Read More »

Back in the Saddle

I don’t know how your life works. But there are times in my life when things happen that I have very little control over. Most times it isn’t the big things that get in the way, but a myriad of little things that pile up and push aside those things that I really would rather… Read More »

Drawn to a Dustup like Moths to a Porch Light

We human beings are strange creatures. We seem to be hardwired to be compelled to slow down and look at conflict and carnage. Remember in high school when a fight would break out how the kids would stand back and start cheering rather than try to break it up? Or can you tell me why… Read More »

“Finding” Content is the Wrong Approach

Dawud Miracle asks an interesting question in this morning’s post: “Where do I Find Good Content?“. Dawud’s steering the discussion over there in the direction of purchased content. Can it be done? I suppose so. But the original questioner was looking for “GOOD” content. Good content is expensive. Writing is like anything else. You pretty… Read More »