Preview of the WordPress 3.0 New Menu Management Feature

WordPress 3.0 LogoWordPress 3.0 is nearing release and with the site menu management feature that has been added with this version WordPress is growing into a full blown web content management system (CMS). As you can see in the video demonstration below this new feature allows the easy creation of fully customized navigation menus where

  • Menus – including dropdowns – can be arranged via drag-and-drop
  • Multiple menus can be quickly customized
  • Individual blog posts can be listed anywhere in menus just like pages
  • Category links can be included in menus
  • So can links to tag pages
  • Off site links to any URL on the web can be included in navigation menus

As long as the theme your site is using can support the new WordPress menu system you can do all of this straight from your dashboard without any programming at all.

Increased Flexibility

This feature is going to increase the flexibility of WordPress sites in huge new ways. From what I’ve seen of this new menu system WordPress has done an excellent job with it. Creating and modifying menus are intuitive and easy to do with your mouse. This is yet another reason WordPress is the best web publishing platform for small business websites.

Here’s a video I posted on ChrisCree.TV where I show how the WordPress menu feature works and give a taste of what it can do.

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