Infographic Shows WordPress Top Open Source CMS

I ran across this informative infographic this morning which shows some interesting info about the WordPress platform. It was created by the folks at Tech King (and you can find the original here if you want a larger size.) WordPress Thoughts A few things stand out to me looking through these stats. First I was… Read More »

WordPress 3.0 Released

The long awaited update to WordPress 3.0 was released yesterday. As I’ve said before, version 3.0 makes WordPress a powerful Content Management System (CMS platform). Folks who say that WordPress is only good for blogging are going to have to change their tune. Between the new support for custom post types and the new navigation… Read More »

Preview of the WordPress 3.0 New Menu Management Feature

WordPress 3.0 introduces a powerful new site navigation menu management system which further cements WordPress as a powerful web CMS platform.