CREEating Value – 4 April 2007

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CREEating Value – About once a week I go through my feed reader and pull out a few gems that bring value to you as a business blogger. We’re overdue ’cause I sorta skipped last week. (oops!)

And I am personally going through a bit of a challenging week on the non-blogging front. So today I thought I’d go through and pick out a few that make me think, and that I find encouraging.

Here are this week’s juicy finds.


How to Get Home (feed) – Mike Caputo is a mortgage broker who gets blogging. His posts about the lending industry give insights into how things work and help folks who are looking at financing. In the interest of full disclosure, Mike is a client of mine. But that just means that I know first hand what a great guy he is! Check out his blog if you are want a little insight into the lending process.

How to Change the World (feed) – Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist and one of the heavyweights of the bloggosphere. Just a quick glance at his LinkedIn Profile and you can see that he is somebody. I’m a fan of getting the best advice I can find. And if a somebody is willing to take the time to write someplace where I can glean insights for free, I’m in. You might want to be too.

Why the Rich Get Richer (feed) – Robert Kiyosaki can be a bit of a polarizing person. I’ve heard some people poo-poo his books and say he’s just a salesman. But there is no denying that he knows how to make money. And I’m willing to hear what someone with that kind of track record has to say. Especially when I can do it for free!

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