YouTube is by far the biggest video sharing site on the web. Because of this it is one of the best places to share your video content. There is the potential for much higher viewer counts on YouTube because it is so big.

However did you know that there are lots of other video sharing sites that you can use to get your video content further out there on the web?

Lets take a look at some other video sharing sites along with examples of how the embeds look from those sites using the same video from ChrisCree.TV for comparison.


I know we’re specifically not talking about YouTube in this post. But I thought it would be a good idea to embed the video from YouTube for anyone who wanted to compare the players. (And here is the video page on YouTube.)


Viddler is the site I use to share all my videos on ChrisCree.TV. I like the fact that they let me customize the default player so that it matches the look of my site. But more importantly I like that with Viddler I can upload my logo and, not only will they automatically insert it into my videos, but the logo is actually clickable.

That means no matter where my video gets embedded anywhere on the web, there will always be a link back to my main site. I see that as a big deal when trying to increase brand exposure. Here is the video on their site


Vimeo is another video sharing service that is popular for businesses. They have a very clean player and you can upload your videos in HD. A free Vimeo account limits how many videos you can upload each week but their “Plus” account is very reasonably priced at $60/year.

Here is the video on their site.


Blip.TV is another video sharing site that should be more popular with businesses than it is. Blip.TV lets you customize your default embed player and gives a clean video presentation. You have the option of activating advertisements within your videos or leaving them off.

A bigger advantage of Blip.TV is that they are also a distribution point. You can set up your account so that when you upload your videos to Blip.TV they are automatically distributed to 21 different distribution points. These include places like YouTube, AOL Video, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and also web television outlets like Boxee and Tivo.

Blip.TV can really extend the reach of your video! Here is the video page on Blip.TV.

Yahoo Video

Yahoo may be struggling but they still have a huge user base. Posting your videos on Yahoo video can be another way to get more visibility. Here is the video page on Yahoo.


Metacafe is another video sharing site that is growing in popularity. It’s another way to get in front of more people. Their site is pretty full of ads, as you can see here on the page for this video.


You probably knew you can upload your videos to Facebook to share with your friends there. But did you know you an embed your Facebook videos on other sites as well? Although there is no option on embedded videos for others to embed them as well so it does limit the potential viral spreading of your video somewhat. Here is the video on Facebook.


Everyone knows that Flickr is for photo sharing. But did you know you can also share videos on Flickr now too? Yep.

But there’s a catch. Flikr will only play the first 90 seconds of uploaded videos. When you think about it, it makes sense. Sort of. Most digital cameras will let you shoot videos now. And most of those are probably pretty short.

So, while it may not be the best option for most uses, Flickr is another place to get your content out. Just be sure to post a link to somewhere that folks can see the video in it’s entirety like I did for this video.

And there you have it. 7 video sharing sites that are not YouTube.

Which one do you like best?


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